LED Mini-Dashboard (replacement for "Switch Dashboard" and Switch Notifications) for Inovelli dimmer/switches

With so much community development on the platform for seemingly everything you can think of, I'm really surprised at the void here. Like Sebastien I'm keeping an eye out...

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I thought about writing an app like this but just settled on a rule. I can share that if anyone is interested, though it does mostly depend on custom commands in my Red and now Blue Series drivers (which I've also modified to be largely compatible; with a custom app, there'd probably be mess need for that). Still think about an app from time to time, given that the rule logic gets complicated with more than a fee devices.

I've never actually looked at this app, but I could write something or perhaps look at modifying this one if the license (and preferably also the author specifically) allows.


If you do, I would be more than happy to help test it!

I've written a new Inovelli Blue led dashboard app based on the functions of the awesome original but tailored to the advanced capabilities of the Blue switch (e.g. effects and duration).

I am just testing/debugging the logic on my switches and will make it available for testing in the next days :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! :grin:


The code is available from Hubitat Package Manager.

Application Details

  • Each Switch LED Dashboard Manager app may have one or more LED dashboards
  • You can create one or more Switch LED Dashboard Manager apps to organize your dashboards
  • Using the same switches across multiple dashboards and managers is supported
  • Each dashboard may be paused and resumed using the button next to the name field
  • Each dashboard may have any number of conditions defined with each condition being assigned a priority from 1 - 9
  • Conditions with a higher priority number (e.g. 9) are prioritized over a conditions with lower numbers (e.g. 1)
  • Each condition has the following settings:
    1. LED Number: Select a specific LED, 'All' or use a Hub variable
    2. LED Effect: Select a specific effect or use a Hub variable
    3. LED Color: Select a specific color or use a Hub variable
    4. Duration: Use Indefinitely to leave the effect running or select the time unit (Hours, Minutes or Seconds) and enter the numeric value
    5. Level: Set the brightness level for the LED effect
  • One of more condition rules can be defined using the select dropdown:
    1. When using multiple condition rules, you can select to match on Any or All
    2. When selecting multiple devices you can also select to match on Any or All devices
    3. You can select a Hub variable and a matching value to trigger on
    4. You can also trigger based on Hubitat Safety Monitor events (armed/intrusion etc.)

Switch LED Activation

  • The application will subscribe to all the devices, variables and HSM as needed when the Done button is selected
  • When an event is received all the conditions will be evaluated for changes and any conflicts resolved based on priority (if a conflict happens between the same priority level the result is undefined)
  • Conditions using All LEDs will take priority over those using individual LEDs
  • The application tracks each LED on each switch (by subscribing to the switch ledEffect events) and attempts to send only changes in order to minimize the Zigbee traffic

A big thank you, this is what I love about HE. I will dive into it this weekend.

Awesome! Will do some testing and let you know what I find.

FYI - the beta version which has more triggers (button pushes and custom attributes etc.) is likely not going to be backwards compatible with the alpha configuration so please don't spend hours configuring things until it stabilizes.


The beta version is now out. A lot of changes are under the hood and unfortunately I had to change the configuration schema so it is not compatible with the alpha release configuration however there are some new capabilities and the new architecture allows for more capabilities in future.

  • Ability to pick a any device custom attribute to monitor for a value

  • When monitoring hub variables, allows for comparison (equals, not equals, great than, less than) to be specified

  • Can now monitor for button pushed events and specify one or more buttons to watch for

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I'm just digging into this now. Does this only support Blue series switches? My Red series switches are not showing up as available to add to the dashboard.

Yes at present. However I do plan on adding Red series support too. However the original version does have Red support in the meantime. :grinning:

I've written a new Inovelli Blue led dashboard app based on the functions of the awesome original but tailored to the advanced capabilities of the Blue switch (e.g. effects and duration).

Got it so for now I can just run both at the same time? That shouldn't be an issue I assume, thanks

No problem running both, I don’t have Red myself but it will just be for convenience when it supports both not to have to have both apps.

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but I cannot get the default (solid blue) LED state to return once an event has ended. I am sure the APP sees the event has ended because lower priority events will overwrite. ie. Priority 9 is engaged (solid red) by opening the garage door. Once the garage door closes the switch should return to solid blue but does not. And if I activate a priority 8 event by unlocking a door (solid yellow), the switch goes from red to yellow, but never back to blue.

Does this app automatically return to the default state once an event has ended, or rely only on the timer?

Like the original app, I think you are missing an explicit condition for when the event is over.

For example, condition set for all doors are closed should be set with an effect of “stop” with a low priority. Without an explicit condition, nothing will change.

Got it. I don't have a stop expression set up in my other dashboard app, it seems to do it automatically. However requiring it may be a better solution for more advanced dashboards. Thanks!

You can set a timeout or do an explicit stop, it does allow for more control but I'm thinking of adding a toggle option that can automatically stop (for less complex scenarios)

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Version 0.4 just released, based on @wogfun feedback now has an option (defaults to on) to autostop an effect when the condition is false. Can be turned off for more advanced use cases.

Current Roadmap:

  1. Beta Testing and shakedown for any remaining bugs
  2. Add support for the Inovelli Red Series switches
  3. Add generic support for any RGB device (e.g. color bulbs)
  4. Publish on Hubitat Package Manager
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Here's a question..

Let's say you have all your LEDs set to green for the alarm being disarmed.
Now a door opens which changes the LED to orange, now the door closes.
Does your dash have a way to set the LED back to the original color?