Dim Inovelli 2 in 1 Red LED at certain time

I bought the new Inovelli Red 2 in 1 switch. I like the LED bar. I want the bar to dim for sleeping at a certain time and go back up in the morning. The Inovelli forum said this may be done with Rule Machine but I can’t figure it out. Can someone help?

Assuming you're using their custom driver, as far as I can tell, it doesn't offer a custom command to do this directly. But they do have a setParameter() command you can use to configure almost anything, including this. The easiest way with a rule would be something like:

Trigger: Time is x:xx (whatever time you want)

Actions to Run: Something like this:
setParameter(98, 1) on Inovelli VZW31-SN

To create your trigger, use the Certain Time option.

To create your single action, being a custom action, it's a bit more complicated:

Set Variable, Mode or File, Run Custom Action > Run Custom Action. For Select Capability of Action Device, choose anything the device supports, but Button or Dimmer is a reasonable option. Choose both of your Inovelli devices as the device in the next prompt. Choose setParameter under Chose custom command. Then, add the required parameters for this command. You'll need two, both of type number:

  • for the value of the first, use 97 if you want to control the LED bar brightness when the switch is on, or use 98 if you want to control the LED bar brightness with the switch is off (guessing you want 98?)
  • for the second, the value should be a number between 1 and 100 corresponding to the level you want, or 0 for completely off.

I would make two rules, one for evening/night and one for morning, just to keep everything simple, though there are certainly ways you could do this in one if you want to.

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I'm not sure off-hand if it would be helpful in this particular case, but check out Jonathan's LED Mini-Dashboard app...

I use it for my notification-related stuff on my Blues, but I'm pretty sure it supports Reds too. It works really awesome.

I do something very similar but using Node-RED (I don't use the HE rules engine). The Inovelli drivers typically create a child device for the LED and you should be able to the setColor command to set the "dim" level. In Node-RED, I pass the following parameters:

{"hue":65,"saturation":100,"level":50} - sets the color to "blue" and dim level to "50%"
{"hue":1,"saturation":100,"level":100} - sets the color to "red" and dim level to "100%"

I think you should be able to pass similar commands when creating rules :crossed_fingers:t3:

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The new 2-1 switches have prestaging in their custom driver. It works great. Here is a rule I made for my parent's hallways lights so they're not bright at night

Edit. Didn't notice you were asking for the notification bar. So the rule below won't help for that.

The Red Series 2-in-1 driver (i.e., for the new ones, the VZW31-SN model) do not, so you'll need a custom command on the "parent"/only device.

This is for the connected load, not the LED bar on the switch itself.


I already edited my comment