LEDs on light switches - do you use them?

I only installed my first Zooz so far, and am wondering about the LEDs. In this case, I find it rather "hidden" whereas the Inovelli style appears to be much more visible/potentially useful.

But then I also thought that if I really wanted some status indicator, I could repurpose a color light or something. Is there another "device" that would be good for visually indicating some sort of status? I believe Homeseer has a plug-in module with LED? But it's also quite expensive for what it is, I believe.

Basically wondering if the LED feature on the switch should play into my decision making for my next switches, or if there's a better way to accomplish those status indicators.

FWIW, i use the LED bars on 2 Inovelli Red Dimmers and 2 Fan/Light combos as part of my house status notifications.

Basically the realtime status of my doors and locks is indicated by either a green bar (all secure) or a red bar (something is unlocked or open).

I also have a notification for my septic pump alarm, which causes several of the bars to strobe bright violet until i address the pump.

I do also have a Zen 32 multibutton, and ive experimented with the LEDs on them. They are ok, but from a distance much harder to see. Stilluseful as feedback devices for rules or sensors.



I also use these at notification for door lock status/mode/whether an outside light it on..I l have almost all inovelli switches..

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Bathroom: Flash green, flash rate, slow, med and fast indicates 30, 20 and 10 minutes for exhaust fan. Corresponding to 3,2 and 1 button press. Blue light for shower exhaust fan.

Kitchen: Flashing teal, fridge door or freeze door open. Red if stove is heating.

I have GE/Jasco toggle switches throughout the house. They have a blue led in the toggle. No signaling capability, far as I know. I have them set to go on when power is on. Could do without the led. Might be nice to have the option to signal different colors.

I use my Inovelli switches to provide updates on various status using the LED mini-dashboard app:

Some of the status that I report on them include:

  • Garage Door Open
  • Air Condition On
  • Alarm armed
  • Alarm triggered due to intrusion, fire or water
  • Air Exchanger set to turbo

I have GE/Jasco toggle switches. The ones with the blue LED. The one for my outside lights I have blue when the lights are on. I can't see the lights very well from inside, so that's a good indicator that they came on as needed. The switch in my bedroom has the LED on when mode is Asleep and off otherwise. The rest are off all the time.

The inovelli Blue have become my command/control centers. Used at top of stairs, chasing red indicates armed night mode and a special number of taps arms/disarms system. Solid white is disarmed mode. At back of house, switch flashes purple if front door is opened. The same switch also controls an in-wall AC unit via Broadlink, as well as lights in the loft, which I failed to 3-way wire 20 years ago, but now can be controlled from the main level or from anywhere.
Thinking about various things, one is making LED color to indicate room temperature ranges, mailbox delivery=blue/white flash, and about 50 others at least.

Using the overhead lights rather than a small LED to indicate status will have the wife on my case.. "obnoxious & ridiculous", unless it's something like a train derailment spilling dangerous chemicals, that are then caught on fire and blown up, THEN I can flash the lights !

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