Inovelli Blue Dimmer Hubitat Notifications Not Working

Hi, I'm trying to setup the LED notifications following these instructions: Setting Up Animated Notifications • Hubitat | Inovelli Help Center

But when I get to the step to add a "custom command" the "startNotification" is missing from the list.

I'm using the October 14, 2024 drivers found here:

C7 Hubitat hub with Platform Version:

Am I doing something wrong, or have the instructions changed?

I've never tried those instructions - instead, I'm using this community app to handle all of my Blue LED actions, and it's been flawless.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen the dev (@jonathanb) active in the community lately, so I sincerely hope all is well with him - Jonathan has made some really awesome apps & drivers for the community here, so I hope he'll be back again soon!

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If you look in the driver code the startNotification has been commented out with a note that you can uncomment for backward compatibility. So there are a couple of options:

  1. figure out what replaced it


  1. uncomment and add the command back in

The ledAffectAll command works for me. I set mine to solid red under a certain condition:

Pull up the device and use that command and parameters to determine what works and then you can use rule machine like I am to automate.

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