New baby coming and I want to set up a few things

So I would like the ability to set a mode in Hubitat called " Baby is Sleeping" so that when this more is active no noise come from anything in the house ie Dryer app announcing that the dryer is finished etc.

I would also like to have just a few simple LED status lights that can be some RGB color so that you can see iff the baby is sleeping mode is on. I have some innovelli lights that have these status LED strips on them but I have no idea in Hubitat how to control them using basic rule maker.

I'm also curious what others have done ie set a variable not a mode and check the status of a variable before anouncements etc..

Not for a baby, but I have Sleep Mode that does what you want, no announcements are made and lights are very dim. I like modes because they can be applied to most (all?) built in automation apps, and it is relatively easy to set up.

Alternatively, you could use a virtual switch, turn that on/off by time of day or a button press or even Alexa/Google. All rules could check the status of that switch, and if it is on, the automation does "XYZ" instead of "ABC", or the automation does nothing at all.

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Ohh that's a good idea.. The problem I have with modes is my modes change in the house automatically based on time. so if the baby went to sleep at 5:45 and at 6:00 it switches to evening you would automatically kick out of that mode? or I'd have to create some sort of logic to check first to make sure is it in this specific mode before switching to evening? so I think a virtual switch would probably work better! great idea!

For the Inovelli led-bar notifications, use Jonathan's excellent app - it works great.


Do I have to download the code for the app or is it built into habitat?. I can't seem to find it in the apps section!

Per that linked post, it's available to download from Hubitat Package Manager.

Sorry maybe I don't know what that is. I'll do a quick lookup on that. I thought that ment it was from the apps page

You can set a Mode to be Skipped when you create it. Take a look at how Away is configured.

Edit: You can change it after you create it, also.

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Came to say this also. Wanted to add that you probably want to have it setup to resume the schedule when returned from away if you do not already. I use switches to set the skipped modes and return from a mode that skips the schedule. (Note, I intentionally do not return from away with the vacation switch due to some other rules I have with that switch. For that, I have use the "virtreturnaway" which triggers some preparations I run when coming home from a vacation)


@MrCaspan I will have to say as a parent of young children, exposing them to noise even a newborn helps with sleep. No matter what you do, the 1st 3 months are gonna suck.... By that time though they get used to noise. At least in my expeience... I mean barring sirens, notifications should be fine and mellow enough.