Inovelli Z-Wave Dimmer Switch (Black Series) and Z-Wave door lock

ok so I never messed with scenes, therefore I don't know if this automation is even feasible.

I want to have my dimmer switch show red on the light indicator when both of my z-wave door locks are unlocked after 6pm; amber when the outside door is unlocked and the inside door is locked; yellow when my outside door is unlocked and the inside is locked; and blue when both doors are locked.

is this feasible? if so how do I go about setting this up? I am happy to follow any links to figure it out. I just need a start.


This is feasible, and there’s an app that will help you set it up. It’s call LED Mini Dashboard:

Thanks, I will check it out.

so I installed the drivers but it makes references to the Blue and Red series and I have the Black series which I bought in 2021 but seem to be discontinued as I see no reference to them on the Inovelli site anymore..

What firmware version are you on?

Not sure if this will help at all as all of mine are red series but I do something similar with the help of this Inovelli Switch Toolkit.

Use the Notifications tab to select the color, brightness level, duration, and effect you want to trigger and it should spit out a configuration value down in the bottom right.

Next, using rule machine, under actions select "Set Mode, Variable or File, Run Custom Action", select the capability of the action device as "Dimmer", and select the Inovelli wall switch(s) you want to act on. In the Select Custom Command drop down choose "StartNotification", Parameter Type to "Decimal", and for the Decimal Value just paste the code from the switch toolkit.

If you want to test the notification value before you go through the trouble of creating the entire rule you should be able to navigate over to one of the switches on the Devices page and there should be a second under commands for "StartNotification" where you can try pasting in the notification code and hitting the button above first. If it works then you should see that switch light up with the color/animation you inserted from the toolkit.

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You may also need to use the LED Color child device on that one, using Inovelli’s custom driver.

It is a Black Series Dimmer (Gen 2) LZW31 (FW 1.51) which I think is the last version since they have been discontinued.

I will do some poking around with the Toolkit and see what if I can figure something out..


Looks like there may be a 1.56 & 1.57 option available on the inovelli site that may be worth looking into via:

Sorry that was a typo I have FW 1.57..

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