Known Issues in

Please see Release 2.3.3 Available - #16 by bravenel

The following issues are known to exist in Release; these will be fixed in the next release:

  • Rule 5.1:
    • Creates an extraneous Event Subscription when Mode is used both in Required Expression and Trigger, possibly leading to double triggering.
    • Deleting a Disabled Action does not clear the disabled actions indication.
    • Triggers with annual dates throwing an error when initialized.
    • Throws an error when DateTime variable deleted that is in use in a Condition.
    • Variable Fade in Set ColorTemperature actions is broken.
    • Erroneously displays buttons for ELSE and END-IF in certain action creation sequences.
    • Won't run actions if Required Expression removed but option 'Cancel pending actions when Required Expression becomes false' still selected.
    • Throws an error for a bad date, e.g. 4/31. Shouldn't offer 4/31 to begin with.
    • Throws an error for variable in repeat for line 8851.
  • Hub Variables: Cancel button for Rename Variable text input commits the typed in text instead of cancelling the change.
  • Room Lights:
    • Transition upon Activation is not using the correct starting value for the transition.
    • Turn Off after motion stays inactive not cancelled upon re-Activation.
    • Not handling Wiz Scenes.
  • Thermostat Schedule 2.0: Problem with ecoMode handling can prevent setpoints being set properly.
  • Basic Rule: Does not handle Set Thermostat Mode or Set Thermostat Fan Mode correctly.
  • Button Controller 5.1 / Button Rule 5.1: Throws an error for Change Color Temperature over time.

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