IFTTT Notifications Driver

Unmaintained, probably not working anymore.

What does it do?

This is a Hubitat driver that will deliver notifications via an IFTTT Webhook. It's a slightly modified version of mlritchie's Twilio Notifications Driver. This is my first contribution, so feel free to fix bugs or make improvements.

I consider this more of a temporary solution until the Hubitat mobile app becomes available.

How to use

  • Create an IFTTT applet that looks like this
  • Install the Hubitat driver and enter your credentials (get your IFTTT Webhooks API key here) - it's the string behind "/use".
  • Install the IFTTT Android or iOS app
  • On Android, you might need to exclude the IFTTT app from Doze to avoid delays
  • IFTTT-based notifications are pretty basic and might not be as reliable as the commercial alternatives, but hey - it's free :slight_smile:
  • If you want more features or better reliability, you might want to use the built-in Pushover notifications driver (requires the paid Pushover app on your phone) or Twilio (you need to charge your account with a minimum of 20 USD initially).


Get it on GitHub


This is very clever I am using the Webhooks to drive other IFTTT actions like messaging my Life 360 Circles, Sending SMS messages. You can trigger what ever IFTTT action you like with this.

Just tried this out as well, thank you for sharing. This was the first driver I installed on Hubitat and it was nice and simple while getting me familiar with Hubitat - thanks!


Thanks. Dankie. Works like a charm.


As of 2021 this does NOT work.

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