Safety Monitor: add repeat action


would be great if you could add a repeat function to Safety Monitor' notifications. As it is, it's easy to overlook a single push message on my phone.



Maybe option to resend alert in xxx minutes.

Yep, that's what I meant. Add an option to repeat notification every n minutes until the alarm has been cancelled.

This is a feature available with Pushover, if you're using that. Just put [E] at the beginning of the message, and it will be repeated until you acknowledge it.

I will look at adding it to the app as well.

That would be great. I thought this might be a feature of a more sophisticated notification system such as Pushover, but right now I'm using an IFTTT webhook as a free solution until there's a mobile app with notifications (at some point, I hope :slight_smile:)

Not sure on the exact syntax.

[E] %device% has detected a leak. Check the area for water.
E %device% has detected a leak. Check the area for water.

It the first one. "[E] %device% has detected a leak. Check the area for water."


Would love this addition also! Previously I had a set of webcore scripts that monitored doors/windows and would do push notification and TTS every X period until the Alarm was disabled or the contact sensor closed. Thanks for the addition!

Also I've noticed that if a contact sensor is already open when you arm the system it doesn't send out a notification. Would this be something that could be considered? We use the monitor system to make sure we don't leave windows open at night (as well as intrusion detection).

Or maybe we can set the priority of the Pushover message.

This is on the to-do list for HSM.


Great deal! Thanks for the feedback @bravenel!

What is the status of this feature request?