Notifier stopped working

I am a new owner of Hubitat. I came from ST/WebCoRe and love being off the cloud. I had notifier working for about a day before it just straight up stopped. I had it notifying our phones when the doors became locked or unlocked. It was just a simple '%text%. %date% %time%'. It just decided to stop. I then created test ones tied to some lights, recreated the rules, restarted hub, and even removed notifier and reinstalled it. The log for notifier is empty. Uggh. Any help? How do I do the same with ifttt as a work around?

Apparently, the "Events" tab on the app (the specific child app, not the one/big parent app) does show a history of notifications that child app generated. The "Events" tab is usually not a useful spot to look for apps, so I had to check this myself to see. Not sure if that's what you meant with "logs," but if not, that's one spot you could check to see whether the app thinks it sent its notification.

Often when people see problems with this, it's really a problem with the mobile app. Try going to your "Devices" list, then find your mobile app device. Click into the page for that device, and try sending a test notification to your phone. Just type some text in the "Device Notification" box and click the button to send it. If this doesn't work, there's a problem with the app. Logging out and back in to the app may help, though it's usually pretty easy to just delete/uninstall and reinstall the app (not much data stored in it).

If you did get your test notification, you shouldn't need to bother with the above, so it likely is a problem with the Notification child app, assuming you've selected the correct notification device. What's likely the case is that your devices aren't reporting status to Hubitat, so the Notifications app never "knows" it's suppsoed to fire. You mentioned locks and lights. Both of these can be tricky. When you manipulate your lock (say, manually lock it), do you see this change reflected in Hubitat? Also, what kind of lights do you have? Newer smart switches/dimmers should be OK, but I'd still verify that you see their on/off state change in Hubitat when you manipulate the device physically (or even digitially, though that's not been historically problematic). If it's an older Z-Wave switch/dimmer, you may need polling to get status updates, though I'd recommend replacing the device. Or if you're using smart bulbs, what kind, and do you have any other Zigbee devices (assuming your bulbs are Zigbee) on this network? Many Zigbee bulbs do not play well on mixed Zigbee networks.

For IFTTT, I don't think Hubitat's native integration supports arbitrary notifications (you can get notified when a specific IFTTT applet runs). There is a community driver that can send arbitrary notifications, but it hasn't been touched in over a year and I wouldn't be surprised if nobody is using it anymore since the release of the mobile app.

That was very informative. So after some playing, it appears to be isolated to my device? When I found that I couldn't send a message from my device, I tried logging out. Now I can't login. It flashes fetching user data and then never logs in. I removed my phone from the device screen, uninstalled hubitat from my phone, etc. Still does the same thing.

I've seen that happen to me once or twice. Uninstalling the app on iOS removes all its associated data (not sure about Android), and reinstalling it allows me to log in and have everything work as expected again. Do you see any errors when you try to log in?

Well I removed both phones from the devices in hubitat and reset the he cache/storage on the phone. Neither phone can login to the app. When I press login it says "Please Wait... Fetching User Data" for a second and then goes back to the login screen. My hub is up to date.

Well I found the problem. I didn't realize that my cloud account is linked with the forums. I had changed my password. The app never says it had a failed login.