Hubitat Elevation supported button controller capabilities matrix

mfr device driver proto btnCount push hold dblTap release
Aeon/Aeotec Mini Mote Aeon Minimote ZWave 4 x x
Aeon/Aeotec Wall Mote Quad Aeon WallMote ZWave 4 x x x
Aeon/Aeotec Wall Mote Aeon WallMote ZWave 2 x x x
Aeon/Aeotec Aeotec NanoMote Quad Aeotec NanoMote ZWave 4 x x x
Aeon/Aeotec Aeotec NanoMote One Aeotec NanoMote ZWave 1 x x x
Hank Hank Four-Key Scene Controller Aeotec NanoMote ZWave 4 x x x
Hank Hank Scene Controller Aeotec NanoMote ZWave 1 x x x
ZWP/HS ZWP WD-100 Dimmer Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Dimmer ZWave 2 x x x x
ZLINK ZL-WD-100 Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Dimmer ZWave 2 x x x x
ZWP/HS ZWP WS100 Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Switch ZWave 2 x x x x
ZLINK ZL-WS-100 Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Switch ZWave 2 x x x x
ZWP/HS Homeseer 200 Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Switch ZWave 2 x x x x
HS HomeSeer WD-200 HomeSeer WD-200 Dimmer ZWave 2 x x x x
Iris Iris Button Iris Button Controller Zigbee 1 x x
Iris Iris Smart Fob Iris 4 Button Fob Zigbee 4 x x
Lutron Pico Lutron Fast Pico CC/HE 2..5 x x
Lutron Pico Lutron Pico CC/HE 2..5 x x x
Philips Philips Dimmer Switch Philips Dimmer Button Controller Zigbee 4 (note 1) x x x
Remotec Remotec ZRC-90 Remotec ZRC-90 ZWave 8 x x x x
Somfy Somfy 2 Button Controller Somfy 2 Button Controller ZWave 2 x x x
Sylvania/Osram Sylvania Dimmer Switch Sylvania Dimmer Switch Button Controller Zigbee 2 x x x

Note 1: push on buttons 1 and 4, push/hold /release on buttons 2 and 3


Did you read my mind? (Or maybe just my form posts. :laughing:) This is quite helpful! I have a Hue dimmer remote and was wondering if maybe the Picos had a similar limitation on which buttons support holding (not surprising on the Hue dimmers considering how the product was designed to be used). Now I know! There are also several of these products here that I just found out about a few days ago--I didn't know they existed or that Hubitat natively supported them.

I hope others find this as useful as I did! (...even though the more I think about this the more I'm just tempted to splurge on a Lutron Bridge Pro so I can use Picos everywhere--which, thanks to this, I can now see don't have the same limitiation the Hue dimmer does with holding.)

EDIT: See my last sentence above. The table says 1 and 4 support both pushing and holding. I cannot get the event log to report this. I get pushed, held, and released for 2 and 3 but only pushed for 1 and 4. Is this right? (EDIT 2: This has been fixed in the table.)

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Yup my bad on the hue dimmer, was going from memory on that device.

Hi @mike.maxwell, wow that is a very impressive list!
@ogiewon referred me to this page regarding the Aeotec Panic Button. I like to install it on the Hubitat, but it is only visible as DEVICE and I have no idea which driver should be selected.
Or maybe it needs a separate DH?
I really appreciate your help here. many thanks in advance!

Any chance on support for Osram/Sylvania Lightify Smart Switch - 4 button? Here is the footprint: [id: 1267, name: Device, label: 4 Button, deviceNetworkId: 42A3, hubId: 1, parentDeviceId: null, isComponent: null, locationId: 1, deviceTypeId: 13, zigbeeId: 000D6F000C606E0C].

It pairs as device.


its sitting on my desk with a driver 50% complete, the two left buttons are factory programmed, the two right buttons out of the box do nothing and require configuration via the lightify app and it's bridge.
When I have the time I'll capture the programming commands send from the lightify bridge to complete the driver.
So yeah, there will be driver for this in the foreseeable future.

Man, you're fast! I requested a driver only an hour ago, and you're already half done! LOL


what I didn't tell you is that it's been 50% done for three weeks...


@mike.maxwell Any progress on this device? I have one sitting in a box waiting for a driver :smile:

no, it's been back burnered at this point, to finish it out I need to sniff the configuration commands being sent from the Lightify bridge and I just don't have the time ATM to dig into it.

I'm also hoping for this, i didn't realize it isn't supported yet. It was going to be my wife's breast feed button :joy: we have brought our baby home today :blush: i'll set up a IFTTT on her phone for now.



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While @mike.maxwell works on a proper driver for the Lightify 4x Switch, I found that this ST driver works just fine for the two left buttons after changing

capability "Button"


capability "HoldableButton"
capability "PushableButton"
capability "ReleasableButton"

That change could probably be simplified, but I'm brand-new to HE, so I don't know any better :slight_smile:

@mike.maxwell have you had a chance to dig into this driver any further?

While we're doing button controllers - the Aeotec Gen 5 Key Fob is probably worth being a supported device.

Mine fingerprints as follows:

deviceType: 1
inClusters: 0x5E,0x86,0x72,0x70,0x80,0x84,0x85,0x59,0x73,0x5A
outClusters: 0x2B,0x26
deviceId: 88
manufacturer: 134

And if you send a Parameter in configuration (ie. Parameter 250 [1 byte] = 1), then it works as a scene controller, which looks to give the buttons the functionality you'd like. Once configured, I've told it that it's a Minimote, and that looks to work for me.

-- Jules

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The Lightify 4-button switch is supported in the latest firmware. Thanks, Hubitat team! :tada:

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@mike.maxwell the Lightify 4-button switch seems to respond to a double click (I think)

if it does could it be added?

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Oooow this would be handy, just received my second one today :sunglasses:

I'm not sure if i'm correct or not it's just if i press it i get X button pressed, but if i double tap i get that response. So in my tiny mind its looks like a unhandled event.

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I'll look at it.