Phillips Hue Dimmer Switch Integration?

Just keep in mind that the Hue Dimmer cannot report "Hold" event on buttons 1 (top) or 4 (top), even though selecting "Button Device" during a rule may auto-generate those events

Also, make sure to update the firmware Of the switch before adding it to Hubitat; otherwise, it tends to drop offline

I'm curious as to why we can't support hold events on 1 and 4. Before switching to hubitat I was using raspBee and it definitely reports those events. I was using the "press" events for local light on off, and "hold/release" events for turning the whole home or room on and off.

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I can only assume the same applies:

The Hue dimmers work so well when paired with the hue hub, I'd be very hesitant to pair them to HE instead. I have Pico remotes, connected to HE through a caseta pro hub, and I have hue dimmers paired to the hue hub which the HE connects to. I find the hue dimmers to be MUCH more responsive. Pushing a button on the hue dimmer gives affect the bulbs almost immediately, while with the Pico remote there is a significant delay before anything happens.

I have Hue Dimmers connected directly to Hue and a bunch of Picos I'm using on Hubitat to fake the same behavior. With the exception of the first Pico button press after a hub reboot (still not sure what's going on there...), I don't really notice much of a delay. If you're using the "regular" Pico driver instead of the "fast" Pico driver, that could be part of it--it delays a few hundred milliseconds (I forget the exact number) before sending the "pushed" event because it has to make sure you're not holding first. Otherwise, maybe it could be that "first time" issue a few of us have noticed?

Other than that, their behavior is excellent for me, and I've bought a ton of Picos but zero Hue Dimmers since. The Picos can give me the same functionality (plus, I'm sure, longer battery life) for half the price and can fit in a standard US wall plate. Other than that minor issue, I couldn't be happier with them. Could there be a problem with the way yours are configured?

Looking at the logs in Hubitat it seems like it shouldn't be possible. According to the logs it only shows the press event once, and doesn't show any other events.

One of the reasons to prefer the Hue over the Eria remotes for me was that the Eria used the hold function on "1" and "4" to reset and pair the device. I'll have to look at the code from my previous setup to see how it would have even been able to do it.

What shouldn't be possible? (I'm not clear on what "it" is.) You can see from an older but still-accurate-for-this-device button device matrix staff posted a while back that the Hue Dimmer should support just pushed on buttons 1 and 4 with pushed, held, and released on buttons 2 and 3. I forget what the Eria does but think it's similar (not sure if it can do all on buttons 1 and 4 or not).

If you mean doing different things for 1-5 pushes of button 1 like you can on the Hue app, that's not natively possible since the device does not send different messages for that, just the same for every press, so this is something Hue "fakes" with software trickery. You can recreate the same functionality on Hubitat with a carefully-written rule or third-party app (what I wrote Dimmer Button Controller for).

...but perhaps you're talking about something else.

As I said in my previous post, hold and release actions for 1 and 4.

When there are posts in between and you don't quote, it's hard to tell, but I see now. You did say this:

and then also this:

so if that's what you meant with "it," I'm even more confused now why you're asking why something that you don't think is possible to implement isn't implemented. :slight_smile:

Is there any way to change the delay before a hold event using the Hue Dimmer Switch paired directly to HE? I find that for buttons 1 and 4 on/off, it's very fast. However, it's very slow for held and released (vs pairing directly to the Hue hub).

Using the HE web interface, held and released commands are also fast. So clearly, the switch is waiting for some time to ensure that button 2 and 3 are held (vs pushed). I'd like to reduce that wait time if possible.

I think that holding buttons 1 / 4 are used to pair directly with bulbs using ZLL (1) and to reset the switch(4).

I have had one of these switches for a few years, which was connected to the Hue hub. But I wanted to control some other stuff, so I went ahead and switched it to be controlled by the HE hub. The functionality is fine, but my battery died not too long after. I bought a 4 pack of batteries on Amazon from what seemed a reputable vendor, and put that in. In a couple of weeks it was dead. Same with the next battery.

Is there something that HE could be doing that would cause this huge battery drain? Did I get a bad batch of batteries? I don't really want to go into a brick and mortar store right now to get a battery, plus I still have two more.

Any thoughts?

I'm using them for about 3-4 months and HE reports that they have 98-100% battery.

I'm using them for about 3-4 months and HE reports that they have 98-100% battery.
Just wondering where you see the battery percentage in HE? I was unaware this is possible.

The device has a property with battery percentage. Just add it to your dashboard with type of battery or view it in devic edit.

Hi guys,

I'm in need of some help regarding my Philips Hue Dimmer.

I've paired it directly with Hubitat and it shows up on the devices page. But i can't find it when I'm trying to program automations (Simple Automation 1.1)

Is there something I'm missing?


Are you looking for it under the trigger events for button? The hue registers as a button device.

That fixed it! Thank you so much