[BETA RELEASE] New Hubitat Mobile App available in Google Play for Android (version 2.0)

A new version of the Hubitat Mobile app for Android is now available to install from the Google Play.

To install the new Mobile App, please follow the link to join our Android Beta Program:



  • the new app requires hub running version 2.3.8 or later. For more details on the platform release, please check out this section: Release Notes - Hubitat
  • as with any beta release, your experience may be different than that of the final and public version of the app.

I have a pixel 7 and it discovered all my hubs but when i select the correct one it just loads and loads and doesn't do anything.

I did eventually get in by selecting a different hub then returning and selecting the correct hub.

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After you join the beta test program you need to download the new app separately in the store.

You can have both the old and beta app installed at the same time.
You have to click the link above to sign up first before you can see this new app.

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I'm registered as a beta tester of the Android app, but the new version isn't showing as being available for download.

Do we need to re-register?

Click the link in the first post, you will either have a join program button or leave program.
Once joined, use the link to the app I posted above to get the new app.


I just installed it and on device it can't find anything, why?

Where should we post issues we find?

In this forums section this post is in would be best.
I find it most helpful to post each separate issue as a new topic. If you find an existing topic about the same issue you can reply with confirmation that you can reproduce it, and/or more details.