[Android Mobile App Beta 2.0] What’s new in build 225

See this post for the initial release: [BETA RELEASE] New Hubitat Mobile App available in Google Play for Android (version 2.0)

What's new

  • Fix for self collapsing rooms
  • Updates of favorite devices on home screen fixed
  • Bug of update being done by cloud even on local fixes

Known issues

The following issues will be resolved in the next update:

  • Custom dashboard menu shows up intermittently

Yes, it is no longer a problem for me.

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Looks good here

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Just installed it on a Google Pixel 6a running Android 14. Hub C7 running

Things I found:

  • After selecting one of the dashboard I cannot comeback to the dashboard menu. Sometimes works again after selecting a few other random options like devices.
  • App crash when trying to switch the other hub (C8) using Settings - Find Hubs
  • When trying to toggle between Home and Dashboard a view times app crashes when trying to open Hub details.

Not all of these happen all the time, but most of the time so not the easiest to debug.

Cheers Rene

I would have never installed if this forced my rooms to collapse. The wife would be very unhappy. But it looks like its fixed.

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@moncho1138 my dashboards don't load on remote connection on any of the recent builds, I assume it's an issue with the cloud endpoint as they work fine when connected locally.

Pixel 8 Pro

Cloud access is work-in-progress.


When I try and access the hubitat community with the beta app with Firefox as my default browser I get this error. Any advise or thoughs? Thank you.

It seems to be a browser isshe. It opens fine when the default phone browser is Chrome.

I will try and change my default browser and give it another try. Thanks.

if you go to registered hubs and go to remote admin it doesn't work. Said invalid hub ID