2.2.4 - C7 Z-Wave Node Health, Topology, and Routes

Z-Wave node health and topology, new in 2.2.4. Brings invaluable diagnostic tools to the hands of our users, without the need for third party hardware or software.

Node Health


Health Values Breakdown:

  1. PER: Packet Error Rate, sometimes referred to as Packet Error Count (PEC), is the accumulation of packet errors for a given node.
  2. Neighbors: The number of neighboring nodes this node is able to see.
  3. Route Changes: The number of times the route has changed.
  4. RTT Avg: Round trip time, the time from a sent packet to receipt of an acknowledgement packet from the device.
  5. LWR RSSI: A calculated value of the Last Working Route's RSSI, over each hop, compared to the background noise sampling. There must be at least 1 packet sent from the hub to the device for this to have a value populated.

Node Topology

Node topology gives you an overview of the entire Z-Wave routing table. Blue dots are nodes that can see each other, and red are nodes that aren't neighbors.

Node Routes

New in 2.2.4, node route will update in real-time and will persist through node refreshes and repairs.