Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

Hubitat Elevation supports the latest available Windows, iOS, Android and Mac Operating Systems (OS) versions only.

Hubitat Elevation supports the latest version of following browsers:

  • Google Chrome (Windows, Mac, Android)
  • Apple Safari (Mac OS and iOS)
  • Firefox (Windows, Mac OS)

Please make sure you are running one of these browsers on a supported OS.

Although other OS and browsers may work with Hubitat, we can not provide official support if you do not use one of the above OS and browsers.

Please note, we do not support Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer at this time. Microsoft has stopped development for Internet Explorer and is migrating Edge to a Chromium based browser that is currently in beta. Once Edge is out of beta, Edge will be added to the the list of supported browsers.


Google Chrome and Firefox work just fine running with a Linux operating system. The Hubitat operates on a Linux operating system if I understand correctly. Please don't exclude Linux from your list.


It's not that we are excluding Linux, it's that we don't actively test use on Linux. We have no reason to think it wouldn't work fine with Chrome or Firefox, but cannot attest to this from our own testing. We do test against the other platform/browser combinations.


Preach it brother !!!!

I can understand not putting Linux on the Supported OS list. Which distros would you want them to verify? There are just too many of them and we don't want them spending all their time testing. We want them working on new features and bug fixes, right? If you're using Chrome, then would the OS really have that much of an impact?

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wow. just wow. maybe put that on the box somewhere??

Any update on supporting Microsoft Edge at this time?

When Microsoft releases the new version of Edge it will be instantly supported due to them changing the engine used by Edge to the open source one used by Chrome. Nothing will change until that happens, which at this stage is looking like sometime in the early part of 2020.

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I broke down and installed chrome. Works like a charm!!


Lots of EdgeHTML browser users may be forced to delay upgrading to chrome edge for another year or permanently run the new chrome based edge in compatibility mode for an indeterminate time.

Attempting to determine what these users should do if they purchased the hubitat hub when the old browser was supported? Revert to original firmware? Or, return hub for refund and switch to smartthings?

We have never supported Edge.

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Sorry don't understand how anyone would be forced to do anything when it comes to using a browser that works with any given site. You use what works.


I use Linux here and from my experiences I found that Chrome is the best to use with Linux and Hubitat UI. Even Firefox Linux has given me problems with the UI.

Don't use Firefox on a andriod either. That has caused me more grief then I care for. Always Chrome for me.

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I use Fedora Linux (currently 31). Firefox has not caused problems for me. It just works. Midori is a different matter though. I use Chrome seldom and then only for Google related things like maps.

On my phone, I use the Hubitat app. For other things, I use the Brave browser, the Firefox browser, and occasionally, the Chrome browser. Of course, my hardware configurations may work fine, but other hardware configurations may not. The bottom line: Use what works best for you.