[RETIRED] hubiVue iOS, Android, Amazon & Web Dashboard App

Native apps for iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows 10/11, macOS Desktop, and Web Browser are now all available - no other dashboard solution supports as many platforms!!

...the local home automation hub viewer and dashboard app

Connect your compatible home automation hub, build dashboards, add tiles, invite guests to use the dashboard and make living in your modern home easy and fast. Supports all compatible iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, macOS® and Windows® devices, including Chrome browser for a web version.

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Here is an showcase of hubiVue working on 3 platforms at once...

  1. As a web app running in Chrome
  2. As a native Intel Mac OS application
  3. Inside Windows 11 running as a native Windows application

All platforms use the same code base and share all the same features (within reason) - which means all platforms offer the same beautiful dashboard layout and hub/automation controls.

Our primary development focus is on the mobile/tablet platforms, but we'd be interested to hear from you if you think Windows, Mac OS or Web is a platform you'd use - we think as a better place to edit/configure due to the variable screen sizes and input options (keyboard/mouse).

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The current release of hubiVue in the Apple App Store is suitable for Mac OS on Apple Silicon if you happen to have a modern Mac (the app will detect and work with larger resolutions and input devices natively).

But if you're like me, and have an Intel based Mac, then hubiVue built for x64 MacOS native is the only way... it won't be long :stuck_out_tongue:

Icons are HUGE on MacBook Air (M1). Only able to see a 3 across x 2 down (total of 6) icons. That is with each icon 1x1 in size.

I’ve not see the app on an M1 - does it not let you resize the app window to a sensible size?

The native MacOS and Windows apps of hubiVue do allow that.

The app does work with split screens and resizing on the iPad, so it should (in theory) work the same for M1 as well.

i run it on a m1 macbook pro and i can resize the windows etc just fine. Although i am probably going to make desktop specific dashboards so i can shrink the tile sizes


Since it's open to public now I guess I can say I've really liked it. It's still young and still evolving but it's definitely on solid footing. I'm certainly pleased with it and it's a welcome addition to the other dashboard stuff out there. The best thing about it is it works on IOS!!! So little does for Hubitat so this brings me joy... :slight_smile: Also the fact that any changes anywhere propagate across devices. Even if you are on something else, I encourage you to try Hubivue and give feedback on what you would like to see and any bugs you find.


Here is a full screen shot. It doesn't matter what size I make the window (this is full screen) it looks like this.

Well, yes if you choose a dashboard design with 3 columns (which you did during setup) it will always show 3 tiles across.

You can change (at anytime) the dashboard settings by going into dash edit mode, choosing the dashboard you wish to change and editing it (pen icon) - and change theme and the dashboard name etc

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I can't remember, can you create other sub dashboards that are different size? So that way you can default to 1 on a phone but another on a tablet?

@gslender : I'm testing it trying to compare to Home Remote. I have a problem with 1 tile. I have many Stelpro thermostats, (many zwave and 1 zigbee). When I click on a zwave it shows thermostat controller as mention in tap action. But on the zigbee, nothing happens when I click on it, event if the action is Show thermostat controller. Any idea why ?

I think that's a bug with several thermostats in the way the driver outputs to maker api. @bravenel provided a workaround for the moment and it will be fixed in 2.3.3 but that fix may break other maker api using progs that will have to be fixed again...(I hope I got that right)

Thank's for your answer. That's strange, but that tile works fine in Home Remote with the same maker api, it displays its thermostat controller.

Right. He just needs to implement the workaround to read maker.api correctly which the other would have already done.

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I’m working on an update that should be posted to the App Store tomorrow. Apple don’t release apps quickly unfortunately. I’ll update Android in the next few hours.

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v1.1.3 released, go get em!

Just saying.... visit https://hubivue.com/


I updated my android app to the newest version and still have a problem with one thermostat not showing the controller.

That's because it isn't v1.1.3