Report showing all battery statuses

Is there a nice, condensed report that would show the status of all the devices batteries? I know I could create a dashboard, but I think that is a bit overkill. Just a simple report would be great.


Battery Monitor (IRRC carried over here from SmartThings by @kahn-hubitat) is great. Nice simple reporting by battery level. Below.

I believe you can also set battery notifications in the built-in Notifications app, but I like having all my battery levels visible in one place, sorted by battery level, which Battery Monitor provides. It also allows you to set push notifications.

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I have never found battery reporting to be particularly accurate for a bunch of my devices. I don't think it is Hubitat's fault at all though - there are lots of devices that just don't do a good job with monitoring.

I now just replace my batteries on a pre-set schedule and it seems to be working out pretty well.


I think this would be a nice addition to HE device screens. A box that the user could select a date for "Battery last replaced"


Yes. I totally agree - so much so I suggested this once months ago- anything to do with batteries and HE gets ... well. set aside.

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Thanks Danabw. I think I used this app on my Smartthings. It is what I was looking for.

I think the HE is much more capable than Smartthings. So far, I am glad I made the switch.

Absolutely. I maintain a spreadsheet right now, but if it was built into hubitat it would be easier to just export via the maker API and get a nice CSV file ready to go.

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This is my downfall, I didn't record anything. lol. So I have no clue other then what the sensors report.

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it's rare - but some drivers actually are logging the battery - somehow. The GEneric Zigbee Motion driver for example:

Recently I was installing a Linkind motion sensor using a User driver - it was using a 'Battery Changed:" attribute (doing this from recollection). So foundationally it's possible but numerous drivers would need to begin getting updates to battery date/state routines. Thats a lot of drivers to finger.

I've seen that before in a few drivers. Is that the time the battery was last out? That in Seconds?

You may also want to look at Device Watchdog.


Yep, I current use that one, it works great! But I have lost track of how often I am replacing batteries in what device.

Yeah, it has been requested before to be able to record custom info against devices, including date / time of battery replacement. Best I can suggest is to look at recording details in something like InfluxDB on a rpi and look for large changes in the positive direction in terms of the battery level, I e. using something like Grafana.

Alternatively you may be able to detect it in a rule and record the changes in a local file....

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I manually update a Google sheet.

I got fancy and applied some conditional formatting to color some values.


Sounds like an app to me!
I like your google sheets - sure'd be nice if HE allowed storing bin files. What about doing Post events to the sheet from a Rule? Could write a rule that gets trigger on low battery event - which fires a message or email and the sets a date change to the sheet?

That has been my experience as well. Battery reporting is mostly useless, not just with Hubitat.


This post shows how to do it from a Rule: HOWTO Add rows directly to Google Sheets
And this does it in a custom app: Activity monitor - logs in google sheets

If you are on Android, I recommend [RELEASE] Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app - #1788 by jpage4500


Agree. Amazing app...