Here are a couple of my smart apps ported from smartthings garden hue and battery monitor


Giving this a look, thanks!

I really don't need daily notifications on this - if at some point you look into longer interval options, or use-configurable notification timing notification options, that would be nice.

I don't think HE supports SMS notifications any more, so you'll likely want to remove or hide this part:

Thanks for sharing.

note garden hue is my smartapp but i did not write battery monitor.. didnt mean to mislead..

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Thanks for clarifying. :slight_smile: But nice of you to port the battery app. Testing it now.

I set up a notification to my phone via HE app for 8AM but didn't get anything. I'll try again w/one set for 8:15 and see if that works...might have timed things a little to close on the first one. :slight_smile:

The screen in the app does appear to be picking up battery levels:

here is anoter one i ported that i find usefull..
checks if home is secure after changing a mode (set it up for whatever modes you like)
alerts you and will attempt to relock doors if necessary.

again I didnt write it.

I also have my garage door opener app which links a relay or switch for the opener and a sensor for the door (tilt or door) . It makes the device look like a standard garage door open.
However, I ported it but have not tested it as I am not currently at the house I use it with. I will return there in october and start my port to Hubitat from smartthings then.
But if anyone wants to try it let me know.

I also have a modified version of the honeywell api c (thermostat) driver that someone else ported.. It was not setting the attribute for humidity to show up in a hubitat tile. Again if anyone needs it let me know and I will post it.

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great work on porting stuff over. not sure if you've done so already, but maybe get in touch with @dman2306 and get your repository added to [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager


New Hubitat owner. Using your GardenHue. Some basic questions.
I am running your app, but just set it up this morning.

  1. Your app handles "on at sunset" automatically? (and offers "before sunrise" offset in app)
    meaning I dont need a separate rule to turn it on?

  2. Would this work with Osram Flex strips? I'll probably try. ha

  3. so there isnt a child rule feature right.. if I need for multiple devices I just bring in another instance of the app? totally fine. I have a couple more garden spots still in boxes that I want to set up this spring (I caught a close out sale!)

thanks for putting this together. working great so far this morning!

1, yes no rule needed. but if you manually turn on one of the lights connected to it with or rule or otherwise it will also start running right away.

  1. yes any rgb color lights

  2. you can configure multiple lights with it, and it will control all at the same time, if you want a different set of lights independently you can have more than one but not necessary as it lets you select multiple lights.. especially if you want them all the same color at the same time you need to run a single instance.

Thank you very helpful.

Yeah I was overthinking this regarding multiple devices. I see both were avail in the checkbox. I dont need different randomization, ha!

We got a lot of snow last night.. now i cant wait to see how this looks tonight.

Awesome app. ty!

BTW: I have the flex strips under my front porch roof. Lights it up nicely. and the garden spots I tool off the stick and glued under the outdoor bar... both work really nice. changing the colors automatically will be a nice addition

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we got a bunch of snow here in nh also, going skiing tomorrow :).

Enjoy!! every year I say I need more skiing in my life and just never make it. Poconos are the closest real skiing area for us, but 2 hours away. not that its far.

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