[RELEASE] Custom Device Note App

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Love this app!!

Just updated to Hubitat Platform v2.3.4.119 and my custom note app is wiggin out with

and this in the logs

Just wondering if anybody else was getting a similar issue?

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Launched normally for me, two different instances

Try a repair in HPM?

Something has corrupted the app’s internal storage, best bet is to remove the instance and reinstall.

That did it, Thank you very much :+1:

Can someone please explain to me the difference between the below apps? I presume they all do different things because they are all by Jean P May (? @thebearmay ?)

  1. Custom Device Note
  2. Device Data Editor
  3. Device Data Item Display

My goals are to:

  1. Add a field to many devices to log what type and quantity of battery the device needs. This many need to be two fields (one for type, one for quantity)
  2. Figure out a way to log each time I change or recharge the battery in a device, so I can start to gauge (or even plot) how long they last and proactively install fresh batteries. Thus, a single field with a date won't do it.
  3. Add a field where I can simply type random notes to myself about a particular device.

Which apps are most appropriate for each of the above goals? Or should I just start a spreadsheet?

I found it far quicker and easier to manually edit a Google sheet of that data than to add it to the device via a note and edit the device entry when I replace a battery. See the image in this post:

Custom Device Note and the Device Data Editor do roughly the same thing just different approaches. The first one allows you to place the same note on multiple devices at the same time, while the second is limited to a single device at a time, but allows you to edit all of the data items for that device at the same time. The Device Data Item Display allows you to view the attributes and data items for multiple devices in one place.

So to meet your goals I’d use the Custom Device Note to log your battery type and quantity. Either the Editor or the Custom Device Note can be used to record battery changes and notes for a single device so just a matter of preference there. Once you have those fields added you can use the Device Data Item Display to look for trends or export the data to a spreadsheet or other data tool (exports to CSV and JSON).


I asked basically the same question about recording battery information recently. I am using Device Data Edit to add the battery information to my devices, like this:

It is a little annoying doing each device 1 at a time, but it's not to bad really. I just have a text file open with the text I want and copy/paste it in.

@thebearmay A question I just thought of. I am using @jtp10181's custom drivers for pretty much all my Zooz devices. If he updates the drivers, what happens to the data section?

Also... I added a test item with the word test as the data on a device.... I do not see how you actually remove note. There is a button that says "Add/Remove data note" but clicking on it seems to only let you add new notes; not remove any.

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If you change drivers the data items remain the same unless driver explicitly overwrites them. As to removing, if there is no value in the note input, then furnishing the note name will remove it.

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Ah, that did it. Thanks. A note up at the top of that screen would be helpful.

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A very handy small app, recently I started using it to simulate other devices which I don't have when developing drivers for these... : ) Thank you very much!

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Is there a way to use this data in say rule machine? So if i missed this somewhere along the line must references i find our just for app/drivers.

I don't recall a way for RM to access these fields - normal use is by drivers or custom apps.

I have had this installed for a while but just now getting around to playing with it. Probably a dumb question, but do I need to install a new instance of this for every device I want to use it on? here is my current use case. I am using it to keep track of battery types and when they were last changed. every time I go in, the last information from the last device is still there. If I deselect devices, select the new device, and enter new information, is the not in the previous device still there? Or is it being overwritten?

I saw a spot at the bottom to change the application name, which made me think I was supposed to use a separate instance for each application. Which is the suggested way to go?

My memory of how it worked is what you described, but the data is actually stored in the data section of the device, so, to answer your question, no, you don't need to install am additional copy of the app per device... But @thebearmay can explain it better than me....

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The data is stored in the device instance, so once you've stored the data you can go to another device.

Some people like to keep sets of devices in separate instances to speed up batch updates.

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I appear to have gotten myself stuck in a loop. I decided to test this and the first sensor I added to was a MESHed sensor. I didn't realize this. I didn't get the MESH warning at first but when I went back to try on another device I did get the warning.

So I thought I would delete everything off the first hub and install on the second hub.

I removed the app and then went into Hubitat Package Manager to remove the app there and got the following:

An error occurred while installing the package: Failed to uninstall app https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thebearmay/hubitat/main/apps/custDevNote.groovy, it may be in use. Please delete all instances of this app before uninstalling the package..

Be sure the package is not in use with devices.

I haven't figured out how to get around this. Not a huge issue but thought I would ask? Thanks.

Try the Unmatch and see if it works for you.

I didn't know that this option existed. I did that fine. So I thought I would go delete the app now. When I try to delete the app it tells me:

App code still in use by: Battery Change Date

This is what I called the note when I first tried adding it. The app truncated this to batteryChangeDate. To be honest I thought no special characters was things like @#$% but obviously spaces were not allowed.

So not sure what is preventing this from deleting? Thanks.

Look for an app under the installed apps called Battery Change Date. I'm guessing you clicked the app rename option (accidently?) at some point and gave it that name.