[Release] Daikin AC Wifi Controller

This is a port from smartthings, it controls Daikin AC units with the wifi module installed.

There is a thread in the Australia lounge with most of this code already (here: A/C control: Daikin Mobile Controller), but instead of copying a driver from comment 28 in a country lounge thread, I figured I could put the driver on github and post it here so people can find it (easier).

I added some values to measure energy usage: today, yesterday, this year, last 12 months. They use the endpoints /aircon/get_week_power_ex and /aircon/get_year_power_ex. There are more data to retrieve for anyone who need more info from the AC. The API info I found on the internet I put in the daikinapi.md file in the repo.

Here is the repo:


Will this work for the Daikin Mini split module, or something else. Does it rely on cloud or linked by IP? I have a Daikin Mini split, but haven't gotten a sensibo yet as I was hoping for a WiFi integration, but boy that's a load of money!

It's for the WiFi controller, the driver communicates locally with it using the http api.

Awesome. Thanks! just dropped $200 on a wifi module. Freakin Daikin, everyone else has $15 USB wifi dongle. Whole mini split was $800. I installed it after buying about $500 in tools. With this i can finally automate my routines. I wasnt happy going the IR route as i want to read the mode and make changes to the fan direction and things that sensibo cant do. Looked through the code and this seems like a well done driver. Thanks!

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Hi everyone,

I live in Portugal and I have a Dakin air conditioning system with one external and two internal units.

I've just installed the driver made available at Github by @eriktack (Hubitat driver - Daikin WiFi Split System) and it worked flawlessly!

For the record, my internal units use the Online Controller model BRP069A41. Also, the Wi-Fi modules are identified by the Fing app as AzureWave Technology Inc devices - it helps identify the modules' IP addresses.

Great job!

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Is it possible to have the heat setpoint in Fahrenheit? The setting in the driver for Fahrenheit changes for the cooling, but not for the heat which stays in Celsius. Great work by the way! For some reason my Daikin minisplit has a hard stop cooling setting at 64F. I am trying to figure out how to override that since my unit is cooling my Homelab room.

I am in the process of transitioning from SmartThings to Hubitat. Things were going swimmingly until I got to the Daikin Envi thermostat.

I've had SmartThings successfully controlling it with some WebCore automations for years. I presume it uses the driver that was the basis for the Hubitat port.

I found this thread, downloaded and installed the driver. I then went to the Hubitat thermostat created by the Ecobee Integration App and changed the driver to the downloaded and installed one. And then updated the IP address to point to the Physical thermostat. I made no change to the port since to my knowledge that has not be changed from the default. I accepted all the remaining defaults.

The device showed the correct Heating and Cooling Setpoints, so I thought I was good to go. Except the physical thermostat will not respond to any manual changes to Heating or Cooling Setpoints.

I created a Thermostat Controller with a couple of additional temperature sensors. The controller appears to be working correctly the SetPoints are about right given the weightings, but again, the physical thermostat is unaffected by any commands coming from Hubitat.

So I tried removing the Ecobee Integration App and the associated Hubitat Device from my hub. Then I created a Virtual Device using the downloaded driver. The virtual device looks ok, but when I attempt to use it in a Thermostat Controller, I get this message:

Error: Cannot invoke method capitalize() on null object

So I'm stumped. I'm sure there is something obvious I'm doing wrong. If it matters, the thermostat is still connected to SmartThings, so I suppose it could be confused or Hubitat is bumping heads with SmartThings, but I really don't want to break that connection until I am certain of my approach in Hubitat.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

I am not sure what the "Daikin Envi Thermostat" device is, this driver is for the WiFi module of the Daikin AC units, such as the Caldo or Solo Air/Air heating units I have myself.

You should not need any virtual devices or any such things to control these units, simply install the driver, create a new device and configure the settings for the IP of the WiFi module of the unit.

Hmm, If I change to F, all values change, though I think I need to change something (like change temp 1 degree) for Heat/Cool respectively once to make the change apply for the mode not currently set when changing between them.

And you cant set the cooling to lower then 18C (64F), most of the consumer Air/Air Daikin AC units only cool down to 18C.

You're absolutely right. I eventually figured things out and got the native Eccobee controller working. The Daikin Envi is a Daikin tweak on an Eccobee thermostat for their mini-split devices. I eventually got the Eccobee App to work and things are rosy.

Thanks for getting back to me...

So, newbie to Hubitat and tried adding the driver code from @eriktack but have no idea what to do next? How do I add the device to Hubitat?

Sorry for the newbie question!


You need to add a new virtual device from the devices page, and select the driver as type. Then you need to configure the IP address of your AC unit so that the hub can communicate with it. You should be able to see the AC unit in your wifi router device list.

Ahh... im an idiot! Sorry about that. Managed to get that piece working... appreciate your assistance. Hate this feeling of being a newbie at something! Guess we have to start somewhere.

Now on to the outside Temp Variable... :smiley:

Hi, how to display outside temperature on dashboard tile?

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