[Release] [*ALPHA*] Lightify Gateway Integration - 0.22

This is an alpha release. Stuff will break/not work a lot.

DO NOT USE THIS WITH MORE THAN 20 DEVICES ON YOUR LIGHTIFY GATEWAY. There is currently a bug (a fix is in the works) that will make your HE hub feel very sad. Please, think of you hub's feelings :heart:

Connect your Lightify bridge to Hubitat: locally!

This Lightify Gateway Integration lets you directly control devices on a Lightify bridge from Hubitat.

Lightify has been claiming (for a few years) that they were going to add Hue support to their bulbs. Let's face the music: this probably ain't happening, and I'm done waiting.

Setting it all up:

  1. Install the parent app
  2. Install all of the child devices
  3. Input your Gateway's IP in the parent app
  4. Change the refresh period to something more sane. I have it set to 10 on my hub because I'm trying to break my hub. You should change it to like 30-60.
  5. Save the App you just created
  6. Your hub will automatically create a gateway device and propagate devices.
  7. Wait a minute or two, and go back into your app.
  8. Select the devices and groups you want to add. Hit done on each page
  9. Hit done, and save your app.

The problem with using these devices directly attached to a hub?
  1. They can (reportedly) be bad repeaters on a Zigbee mesh
  2. They seem to ignore commands every now and again.
Alright, then why should I get OSRAM bulbs/strips?
  1. They're inexpensive ($10/bulb from the Amazon store I got them from). Home automation is about having fun ... and automating! You shouldn't have to spend $40/bulb...
  2. OSRAM's customer support is seemingly great. Their 2-year-warranty is also nice--and they actually honor it.
  3. Color accuracy is good. Luminosity is good
  4. They have an app/other integrations to increase the SAF (spouse acceptance factor).

What's working?

Click here
  1. Bulb discovery
  2. Set color, brightness, and power
  3. Color temperature. (Most of this is undocumented --- and some of the documentation is wrong. This had to be reverse engineered, like a lot of this project.)
  4. RGBW bulbs, RGB, CCT, Switches, and dimmable bulbs have their own device type. Everything else defaults to RGBW
  5. A lot of the device info properly parses
  6. Groups! (Write-Only)
  7. Discovery system

What's not working?

Click Here

(hey, I said it's an alpha release! :slight_smile: )

  1. Color effects.
  2. The following devices: Lightify Plug (probably works), Contact Sensor, Motion Sensor, 2-button switch, 3-button switch, 4-button switch, others?
  3. ColorMode on RGBW devices
  4. If you delete a group in the Lightify app, it will become de-synced with the Hubitat integration. (If you have 3 groups, and you delete group 2, group 3 becomes group 2).
  5. Code. There's so much inefficient code in here. Some of it was written at times beyond midnight.

I develop for fun, and certainly don't require payment. That being said, if you want to buy me a coffee or something, you can use the button below :)



Great, I only have two light strips and two bulbs but decided to try to move them off my Hubitat back when I had a number of zigbee devices on one side of the house that kept dropping off (I finally got that fixed by changing one of my WiFi APs from channel 11 to 1 as I suspect it was interfering with Zigbee channel 20).

I removed one of my light strips from my Hubitat back then and tried to add it to my Hue bridge but couldn't so I put it on SmartThings since I rally don't use that one. The other we use multiple times a day through Hubitat motion detectors and buttons though so it's still directly connected, although as I don't seem to be having any issue with Zigbee anymore I may not move that one yet.

I will move the one currently on SmartThings to the Lightify Gateway and test this out.


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Installed, I wont be able to do to much until you enable CT mode though.

Feedback so far : Install went smooth no surprises. I hadn't plugged in the Lightify hub in about a year. My six BR30 Halo lights were picked right up.

I'll knock'em around and report any problems as they present themselves.

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Just found all of the info I need for CT (and groups!). Last night I worked on separating the drivers into a parent app/child device combo, so things are progressing smoothly :slight_smile:


Unacceptable for a newlywed - just kidding. You work really hard - I hope you take time off as well!


I have a ton of lightify bulbs, strips and spots. Looking forward to trying this out.


Following up on my last comment: I have well over 50 lightify devices exceeding the limit of the Lightify Hub. This is one reason I decided to pick up the Hubitat. My VeraPlus wouldn't even pair with Lightify devices. It would be great to find a way to activate the dynamic scenes on the Sylvania Lightify devices. But, if I could bridge to the lightify hub that would be a great start.


Care to elaborate on what you mean by dynamic scenes?

There are scenes built in to the Lightify gateway like "clouds" that are continuously changing. Forgive me if the name isn't exact; it has been a while since I used the Lightify gateway. I wasn't able to use the dynamic scenes with the newer Sylvania bulbs and figured it wasn't compatible, but maybe that has changed.


I think I have one of those somewhere. I'll have to dig it out. I love lightify. And I want to add more strips, but the mesh thing keeps me looking at other solutions.


You could have put your Cree bulbs on the Lightify mesh! :crazy_face:


I still have them! Maybe I will. :grin:


This is HUGE Adam !! I would love to remove my lightify lights and garden spots back to lightify and get proper control !!!

You rock @adamkempenich !!


I need to find a lightify device that repeats, a non-light device -- one of my garden spots is a bit to far and it would drop sometimes.

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They have the plugs on Amazon for $15, plus they are well behaved repeaters on HE if you decide against using the Lightify gateway.


I'm just going to ask this question. I found my gateway and I was looking in to joining it, but do I need to go through the lightify account bs? Or just join it? I never cared about it until now, so I never did anything about it. For me and the newbies around that come from other platforms. What is the right way to join the gateway to he?

You’ll have to make an account—or, at least, get it into your WiFi network. A few months ago, when I first got my Lightify hub, the app didn’t even work enough to clear this process :joy:

It ended up being 50º in Bismarck today, so I tried to capitalize on that instead of working on the Lightify driver, earlier. I don't think it's been this warm since September, but I'm not about to go check :laughing:

The good news is that I was able to get color temperature working. The documentation I found wasn’t complete—but the Python scripts tell me what I can scrape, at the least. It’s been easier to just captire the packets from my phone and go from there, then to install the python script and modify its code to give me outputs.

There’s definitely bugs in 0.1.
The next alpha release will focus on filling out all the commands, and the parent/child structure.
I’ll see to it that this can work with multiple gateways, as wells

We’ll get you to that point! :slight_smile: I’ve started transitioning devices over from my hub to Lightify.


I'll move a light over today and get it set up if it lets me. Thanks!
@adamkempenich it let me run it through the app. Connected up easily. Waiting on the update and I'll add a stip and cree. The cree is just for you, my friend.


I installed both the parent/child drivers posted on Github. (I tried to install as an app, but it complained and suggested a driver instead.) I initialized it with the correct information and modified the refresh rate to 30. I also created a virtual device as the parent which allows me to turn all lights on/off, however I have not found any of my devices paired to the Lightify hub showing up as devices on my HE. Anything I'm doing wrong?

BTW, THANK YOU for you efforts. This saves me a lot of time trying to replicate :-). (My wife says "THANK YOU" too.)

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