Could Sylvania make it any more confusing to buy light strips

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Not to hijack the thread but I see both of you are running the Sylvania's on your HE hub. Is this on your main hub or a 2nd hub? I have 5 strips that are LEDVANCE that updated to the latest firmware and 3 that are OSRAM and won't update.

I am trying to determine if the LEDVANCE are ok to add to my single HE hub. Information I have found is contradictory. I know that the OSRAM strips are definitely ZLL and I will leave these on the Lightify gateway or my old ST hub.

I am looking for first hand experience and am curious as to what is on your zigbee mesh for comparison.


Morning Mark.
I spoke with Sylvania technical support yesterday and they couldn't provide any information on compatibility or why one set of lights can have a max of 20 feet and the other a max of 80 feet.
It seems the only info you can get is from the Q&A and reviews on Amazon....which aways isnt the most accurate.
I found one review that indicated that the strips from the 73773 kit are not compatible with the 73661 i have to presume that they are running at a higher voltage.
They have some great products and i really like the quality of their strips but it's difficult to tell what works together snd what doesnt. they also have a weatherproof version of this kit ..but sadly that one sassy non expandable...16 feet trying to figure out if its worth buying a couple and just soldering them together.
Appreciate the note on the firmware upgrade. I have a couple of lightly gateways in my junk drawer...that came with some other light strips i bought but i have never used them. Im sure it cant be too hard.
On that seen other posts about sylvania being zigbee repeaters and that in some cases this was causing problems with HE. any thoughts?


Well, I have two basic lightify products.

Their MR16 lamps, which are old and recently took to a firmware update when I put them back on the lightify hub as a test. Those have always been a bit wonky, and I wanted to get them off my main hub's zigbee mesh. I'm curious to see whether the firmware update improves their performance in general or some specific way.

More recently, I also bought several of their light strips, which use the newer Smart+ branding, but nevertheless had an available firmware update from the lightify hub. I haven't noticed any real issues with those paired directly to hubitat in the recent past (even before pushing the firmware update).

But when I put everything back after updating from the lightify hub, I used a spare hubitat hub I have lying around. Just to be cautious.

You're right, that part is confusing. I think this is a byproduct of Osram/Sylvania/LEDVance all having something to do with these devices and their software, but one hand not really knowing what the other is doing.

To be safe I generally assume the LED controllers and strips aren't interchangeable between the different lines, indoor flex vs. flex XL, and outdoor.

But the zigbee hardware, pairing to hubitat etc should be the same experience, pretty smooth.

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FWIW..I have 3 sets of these lights. They are OSRAM and will not update to the latest firmware. I have had no problems with them on ST or the lightify gateway. I have not had them paired to a HE hub.

I have all of my Zigbee lights on my main hub and all of my Zigbee end devices and most rules on a 2nd HE hub. Keeping my lights on the main hub meant not having to redo my Alexa and Homebridge integration.
FWIW, there are at least 3 different Zigbee controllers I’ve come across. The Osram labeled devices have one different from the newer Sylvania Smart+. I haven’t had any issues with the newer Sylvania bulbs since getting rid of the Osram branded ones.


I have all of the Sylvania Osram and Cree bulbs on the lightify gateway using

and haven't really had any issues. At times there seems to be a little lag if the gateway hasn't been used in awhile.

I appreciate the responses and they reinforced my decision to keep these devices on a separate network.

I will most likely just purchase a 2nd HE hub and move these devices to that hub. Unfortunately, not all of my lighting devices will work on Hue or I would just go that route. I really don't want to use the ST hub as I lose the local control and thus my living room lamps and master bedroom closet light in the event of an internet or most likely ST outage.

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Oddly enough i'm not using the gateway at all. My sylvania controllers are connected directly to the HE hub. Cant see any reason to not purchase a 2nd hub though. Ive wanted to just t play with the setup and if it keeps my main hub win

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Well....regardless of what they are...i just found the 73773 kits at walmart for 16 dollars. So for a good light strip with a compatible HE zigbee controller.....for 16 bucks...i bought 5. thats the best price ive seen on a light strip and controller without being zigbee.
I know i shouldn't but im putting these outside. They won't be in the rain so maybe i'll buy the other weatherproof kit just to get the weather rated power supply and controller.
i hate these good deals:)

That's a great price, on amazon they're going for $60.

Outside is probably ok if you make some additional effort to protect them from elements. LED strip covers might be ideal but require additional steps to install.

I got 4 of the Flex XL on Amazon a couple months ago for $20 each and 4 16ft extensions for $18 each. They were sold by Franko lighting. They still have the extensions for sale on Amazon for $18. $16 for the Flex XL is a great deal!

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It looks the same as my gardenspots power supply and controller. The only difference seems to be that the indoor strips just push in to the controller and would need sealed.
It even says “for outdoor use” on the power supply.

24 volts. Same as my Hue.

Well. Let’s see how they hold up. image image image image


My lights from Walmart just showed up. They are the same kit you describe...large outdoor rated power supply, weatherproof 2 pin power cable ...but indoor rated control module with push in pins for the 5 pin connector. paired with a osram hub i have for the FW update, then paired quickly and easily to HE after a factory reset on the strip. i might be outta control.....for 16 bucks i need to order some more :slight_smile: I have several standard lightly strips ( the 12v 2 foot ones) and while they look similar i don't think they are compatible with this 24v unit. when you lay the strips out, there are different diocesediodes or resistors on the 12v strip vs the 24v strip. Was hoping for some compatibility as the 2 foot extensions make it easier to get to specific lengths....and there doesn't seem to be any " cut here" sections on the 16 foot strip ....but will figure that out later once i get closer to installing.
overall.....hapy with my purchase so far.

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I felt the same way. I bought 4 of those a few months ago and a bunch of 16’ extensions as well. I’ve put one around the trim inside the pantry and another in a closet with a motion sensor. I’m going to recess another behind the crown molding in the family room (hoping to hide the power supply behind it and add an outlet there). The ceiling needs repainted anyway and it will be easier if I take the crown molding down, so I keep making more work for myself.

Have to say. Really like being able to string 80 feet of led strip together.

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I even ordered 5 more

How did you factory reset? I’ve pulling out the wall plug 5x for an hr now

It's a real pia -- its seems to be a exact timing on doing the reset. If you are 1 second to fast or to slow the count resets.

It’s 5 cycles at what interval?

Well at least you are persistant!

  1. Turn the light off
  2. Turn the light on for three (3) seconds
  3. Turn the light off
  4. Repeat this cycle five (5) times
  5. Wait ten (10) seconds for the light to blink three (3) times

Repeat these steps if the light does not blink three (3) times

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