Lightify Gateway Update 06-22-21

I opened the lightify app and noticed this mandatory update. It's still updating but the release notes state that the app can do everything locally now. Cloud connection not needed. Convenient for those of use with just a couple Osram devices that can't be joined to the main ZigBee mesh.

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There are new iOS and Android Apps too. This update WILL allow the gateway to function after the cloud shutdown.


This is great and what we were hoping for. No remote access tho, so we'll have to use a VPN if we want remote access. Actually I have all my sylvania plugs/bulbs/LEDS all on HE and I don't have an issue. More of an issue with Z-wave than anything else, on the C7

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I have 3 RGB strips that are ZLL. 2 in use, 1 spare. I have left these on the gateway. My other lightify strips and garden spots are on HE without issue.

I've been using this community integration for over a year. Works well. I'm really pleased now that I can leave everything in place after the August shutdown.

I'm really surprised Sylvania have gone all the way to do this for their customers, serious kudos to them.
I bought the hub just to update the firmware of the bulbs, recessed lights and LED strips bought at rock bottom price. Now, I can actually have some use of the hub.

Wish other companies would have done like that when they brutally discontinued their products or services.