Door lock and light issues

What brand of Zigbee lights are these? Are these Zigbee bulbs or in-wall Zigbee switches?

What does the rest of your Zigbee mesh network look like? Specific Brands/Models of the devices is very helpful when trying to troubleshooting these issues. Also, what Zigbee channel is your hub using?

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the bulbs are GE daylight zigbee bulbs. I have a total of 4 of them on my network. I have 2 other zigbee bulbs currently on the network and 2 more in a box that are not. those 4 are osram zigbee bulbs. the lock is the only other zigbee device I have. Hub is using channel 20.

I might have 4 other zigbee bulbs that get powered on and off, but are not on the network or connected to the hub. they are also osram lights. they were the first bulbs I tried to use. I added them to a smart switch. didn't know at the time I didn't need both smart bulbs and smart switches. Do to the switch cutting power to the bulbs, I just use them as regular light bulbs, not synced to any hub. I do mention them incase they are messing with my signal some how.

The GE and Osram Zigbee bulbs are not reliable repeater devices. Thus, that is my guess as to the source of the instabilities in your Zigbee mesh network.

Nobody ever likes to hear it, but you'd be much better off replacing all of those bulbs with either Smart Switches, or Sengled Zigbee bulbs (which are not Zigbee repeaters.) Pick up a few IKEA Tradfri Zigbee outlets or similar (just don't use Peanut plugs!) to act as repeaters and position them around your house strategically to create a strong, overlapping, Zigbee mesh network.

I use ~8 Iris 3210-L outlets around my house as Zigbee repeaters and they work great. They are just getting harder to find these days. There is one source for the slightly newer Iris 3210-L2 outlets, sold in a Lot of 10 for $75, which is a very good price, even after shipping fees.


Thanks for the advice. I do really have a hard time believing this is the issue. The reason I say that is the bulbs and lock work perfectly fine with less than a second delay for the lights and about a 3 second delay on the lock any time I want to press the button on my dashboard. they have never failed to work with anything except the automation. I was told the same thing when the lock was z-wave. not saying it was bad info then, but again only the automaton for the lock was failing to work correctly. the repeaters did not help the problem. I am hesitant to just go out and buy more zigbee repeaters when I really think there must be another issue.

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I do also have one of these new in the box. SYLVANIA SMART + ZigBee Indoor Smart Plug. it says it works as a repeater. Should I try adding it and see if it helps?

Sure, you can give it a try. You've got nothing to lose.

Personally, I have replaced all of my GE Link and Cree Connected Zigbee bulbs with Sengled Zigbee bulbs. This resolved all of my issues with those bulbs either missing commands or dropping off the network for no reason. I also noticed all of my motion/contact sensor based automations became much more reliable and responsive. YMMV, of course.

I avoided the discounted Sylvania/Osram bulbs altogether. However, there are many here in the Community who have shared their horror stories regarding these bulbs. One community member even found a way to use the Sylvania Lightify Gateway locally with Hubitat to get these bulbs off of the Hubitat Zigbee mesh network.

Others have bought a separate Hubitat Hub just for troublesome repeating lightbulbs only, and use HubConnect to link the two Hubitat hubs together. Others use a Philips Hue bridge with compatible Zigbee bulbs (unfortunately, the Osram bulbs sold in the US are not compatible with the Hue bridge.)


Let's address your lock. What are you using for beaming? I found that you need to mess with placement so that the lock thinks that the repeater is a better route. It's not an exact science. I've spent a LOT of time on this topic as I have 3 locks that now work flawlessly. One bouncing off of an enerwave plug on the other side of the house. Research flirs devices. @ogiewon hit the nail on the head with the bulbs. Poor repeating bulbs can do damage to a mesh. I have also experienced the pain of this issue. I know that your stuff worked on wink. Hubitat is not wink and there are certain challenges with each platform. No matter the platform. So, we'll have to shed the "worked with wink" mentality. If you want to do great things, you need the hubitat mentality. So, are you up for the challenge?


Also, your dashboards, have you built any? When you built them, did you be sure not to check "use all of my devices" and only exposed the devices that you wanted to use for that dash?

A beaming repeater is for Z-Wave only... FYI - He changed his lock's communication module from Z-Wave to Zigbee to avoid the issues with Z-Wave... so, a beaming Z-Wave repeater should not be required. But, now decent Zigbee repeaters are required... :wink:


oOH ... i didnt catch that. never mind on the lock.


Aeotec Range Extender 6, Zwave Extender, Z-Wave Plus Repeater, 2 Pack. I did move them around. I saw zero difference regardless of where the devices were placed. I know some devices work with some hubs and not others so again just because it worked with wink or did not work with wink has no bearing on if it works here. Thing is it does work here and maybe I am just too stupid to set up the automation correctly.

as for dashboards yes I have made a few. and I only selected the devices I wanted on each dashboard when making them.

I know this isn't magic. logic tells me that if the devices are only failing when trying to do the automation and never fail at any other time, then my problem lies there. not with a weak mesh or signal.

Each time you move these, you have to do a z-wave repair, and then wait at least 30 minutes after the repair completes to test its function.

In my experience, placing one of these very close to the HE is essential (<5 feet). Finding the right position for the other takes time. I ended using my zwave toolbox to find "good" positions.

Yes I waited a day between each relocation to see if the automation ran correctly. the devices also never showed anything in their events page after the repairs. first one has stayed line of sight from the hub and about 10 feet away. this is the closest I can get it without either wiring in a new outlet, or running cord to move it closer. either way if this can't get a signal 10 feet away then it is of no use. each repeater shows a green or strong signal. none of this matters right now since the lock is zigbee currently. I do not understand how much stronger the the network has to be to get automatons to work vs the standard commands I send manually.


That's far for the position of the first repeater.

Make sure that you try to plug this Zigbee outlet in as close to the hub as possible, and between the Zigbee Bulbs/Lock and the Hub. This might help to make sure the other devices try to us it as a repeater, versus the outlet being connected through your Zigbee bulbs.



One of these sensors placed close to the HE makes an excellent repeater. And repeats for way more zigbee devices than the average plug - which handles 6-8 devices.

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FWIW, I have two locks in my laundry. They were constantly dropping off with my hub in the basement. I put my hub in the laundry and the locks were fine.

I then added 1 of those repeaters as well and did more testing. No luck and no help with the locks.

I then bought one of the Ring Range Extenders Gen 2 (these are series 700 chipsets) and it solved my issue with the locks. I now have my hub back in the basement and the locks are giving no issues at all.

Its amazing how much we have to understand when it comes to zigbee and zwave. This stuff doesn't 'just work'. The good thing though is that this forum is full of people that have been there and seen that. Finding the information is sometimes very difficult though. I like to share experiences just in case it does help somebody down the road.


seriously? I can almost touch both. the hub can't send a signal 10 feet to the first repeater? and it is too far even when the device tells me it isn't? I don;t understand this.

Ok it is plugged in about 10 fee away also. is that too far?

Oh and I went up to the door and locked and unlocked the deadbolt by turning it. then went to the event page. it saw every time I did it.

Wait a minute. I didn't catch this earlier. If you can consistently control the lock from the device page, but automations are inconsistent, then the inconsistency arises out of the automation - not the underlying zigbee/z-wave network.

Can you post screen shots of an automation that is inconsistent.

Ca you repeat this by trying it from the device page?