[Release] [*ALPHA*] Lightify Gateway Integration - 0.22

It sounds like you modified the driver before installing it? Or am I reading that wrong? When I installed it i created the virtual device and entered my ip address in there. I did not modify the original code with my information. Picked up my stuff right away.

I didn't modify the driver code at all. Will try to remove it and reinstall. Crossing fingers....

Do I need to perform a "Discover Devices" action?

No you need to add the devices through the lightify app which will propagate them over to the child part of the driver.

My devices populated, but they were not addressable in the app or HE, they appeared greyed out in the app. So I put a bulb in discovery mode (10x5s toggles) and re-added it to the Lightify hub. Once I did that I could control that Lightify child device through the HE device page. Since the CT ability isn't working yet. I disabled those devices and rejoined the bulb to HE. I'm anxiously waiting for 0.20 to drop so I can try again.

I didn't have that problem at all. But, it took the 30 seconds that I changed the refresh rate to for everything to start working. I changed the refresh rate to 10 to add and work with, then i"ll change to 30.
I just want to make it clear that if you change your refresh rate to 30 or higher, the device will take that long to change status in the device page. But in my experience has been responding instantaneously in the rules that I set up. I'm sure that as the interface progresses, that will be addressed, but @adamkempenich doesn't want to cause issues with other hubs while this is still an alpha. It's definitely worth checking out. It's already come so far.

Nope - it should detect the devices automatically.

Strange. Had they been working in the Lightify app prior to that?

I am able to control the devices through the Lightify app still. I just came back after letting it sit for a few hours, and still nothing. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.... I'll try to re-add a device to the Lightify hub and see what happens. Will let you know.

I hadn't touched the app in over a year and the Lightify hub has been unplugged that whole time. I only used it for a few days while waiting for a replacement HE after an incident involving lightning. I was just glad I didn't have to re-setup the hub with my Wi-Fi.

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Interesting. If it’s still happening in 0.2, I’ll ask for some logs :slight_smile:


Looking forward to your 0.2 release. Thanks for this Adam!


I'm happy to share any logs that would be helpful. Just let me know and, thanks again--awesome that you are doing this!

Good morning! 0.20 has been published :slight_smile: Instructions are in the initial post.

Edit: See the note in the original post about the 20 device limit on the Lightify Gateway. I'd hate to have any hubs lock up out there!


Threw out a few hot fixes for everyone! If you updated this morning, please copy the new code in.


Thanks, I was waiting for the 0.2 release. I will try it out. Thanks for sharing.

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@adamkempenich moved over one device just to help with testing and 1st the integration is lighting fast! you wouldn't notice that the lamp may isnt on the hub!
I did manage to get the state to latch to ON even when i clicked OFF on the device page, but the light was still turning on and off with the buttons correctly.

the level seem to be in a decimal as well.



It says to put in the MAC address of the hub but then gives a example of the hub serial number, which one is needed?

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Interesting. I’ll keep an eye out for that.

My general experience with that (since Lightify uses values of 0-255, and then divides it by 2.55 to equate to Hubitat’s 0-100 units), is that the extra data is somewhat useful when converting back. The data gets rounded when transmitting, and I haven’t heard anything on what the standard for significant figures is. Do you know of one?

That’s just for the hub’s network id. You can name it anything, in reality. I didn’t even realize the dummy data was the serial :joy:

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Does anyone out there have color temperature OSRAM bulbs?

Question if someone can answer I use lightify dimming switches, the ones that go over a light switch can those be integrated.

The 2-button Controllers? This doesn’t support those devices. But, you could use them to modify devices directly through the Lightify hub, and this driver would pick up the changes.

Otherwise, I thought those were directly supported by Hubitat? I know the 4-button ones are.