[Re-release] Hubitat Ring Integration (Unofficial)

Update, this is happening to me now as well. I can set the mode to Home, but can’t to disarm anymore. Huh… need to check

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I just gave it a try, and it is working here… Not sure what might be different…?

I have version 0.5.7 of the integration.

I found the issue on my side, and you are correct this does still work.

@Navat604 -Would suggest you navigate to the "Ring Virtual Alarm Hub" device and manually try the command for switching between modes to see if it works for you. I did that which helped me understand what changed in my Rules.

Looks like an update broke my legacy rule machine where the "NOT" changed location.

As you can see here, both of these should be true as both are asking to confirm that the current ring hub mode state is not "off":

But the first original isn't working anymore, apparently a != no longer works, but a NOT before the condition does. Somewhere the syntax changed. So I updated my rule. Not sure why legacy RM broke, but I at least fixed it now.


Hey guys, my Ring integration stopped working last night - no notifications are coming from any of the ring devices but the app is logged in and I can see all devices in Hubitat. anyone face similar issue? anything changed maybe on the Ring side which cause it to no longer work?
Any insight would be very helpful.
I did try the repair via HPM and also logged in again to the account in the app etc. and see all devices in Hubitat - just no notifications are coming any longer into hubitat..

Edit: things are working fine for me still.

Safe to assume you use IFTTT?
I got this email yesterday, and when I login I see:

There are a few alternatives you can use;

  1. Use Alexa and Momentary Device
  2. Use Scrypted if you have a server or pi laying around.
  3. Pay for IFTTT Pro

I've mostly transitioned to #1 just need to move 2 more things over.

No, I'm not using IFTTT for the integration.
I was using up until now the "Configure Polling for Motion and Ring Alerts"

I am also not using IFTTT and it's still working. I use the default polling.
I also have Ring MQTTT for Home assistant and it's also still working.

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