[Re-release] Hubitat Ring Integration (Unofficial)

I'd recommend, at a minimum, setting the latitude/longitude coordinates to someplace OTHER than your actual house. I live in a neighborhood and chose a school yard several blocks away.

That's not a huge guarantee--but, at least, you aren't telling them exactly where you live.

Note that this will prevent you from using "presence" detection based on the location of your phone (which I don't use).

Not really, but I'm sure you experiment commenting out some of the Alarm device driver commands so they silently fail if someone were to get into your hubitate and try and command a mode change.

If your not aware, you can also set a username/password on your hubitat.

Suddenly since 18.40 ish BST im getting this error:


apiRequestTickets HTTP error. Status: 500, Error: Server Error. Body: {"error":860004,"msg":"No available app brokers"}


Has worked without a hitch for a year plus. App says still logged in, but websocket shows as closed of course.

Anyone else having similar issues indicating a blip at Rings end?

Failing that, any clues as to what the issue might suddenly be my end? Hub reboot didnt fix.


Answering my own question HA having the same issue, and it looks like it is an API change rings end. Changing API endpoint appaears to fix the issue.

Yep, changing the app API to https://prd-api-us.prd.rings.solutions/api/v1/ at around line 1694 (last line, that is https://app.ring.com/api/v1) fixes it and reconnects the websocket.

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I just released v0.5.7 which should fix this.

I also released beta v0.6.0.3 with the same fix and a lot of other stuff I've been meaning to release. I've been using the new features myself for quite a while. If no one has issues, I'll move it out of beta.


What are these settings:


Can you specify where the screenshot comes from? One of the devices, one section in the app, etc.?

Momentary HTTP virtual switch that @SoundersDude uses instead of IFTTT.

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Here's how mine looks as an example with the token removed:

There should be instructions somewhere on this thread on how to set it up if you aren't sure.

Is the device IP the Hubitat hub or an Alexa device. I guess that is probably my real question. LOL

It’s the Hubitat IP