[PROJECT] Convert Ring Floodlight Camera to Z-Wave

I like Ring cameras, but hate the cloud controlled lighting .. So I took their floodlight cameras and made them z-wave.

Ring Floodlight Camera
HomeSeer Z-Wave Floodlight Sensor

Using a screw driver, open the extra hole on the ring floodlight camera.

Pass the wires from the z-wave floodlight sensor into the open hole and screw down the floodlight sensor, the threads are the right size.

Cut the red wire coming from the camera, this is the switch control of the LED floodlights.

Attach the red wire from the floodlight camera to this black wire that was attached to the red wire from the camera.

Connect the whites and blacks remaining and attach to your power source.


nice mod
Can't you just splice the red wire from the camera to both the HomeSeer and camera so both control the lights?

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I guess you could

My point was to drop the cloud control and go local.

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It might cause a conflict and make the lights go on and off depending on how Ring reacts.
Your probably correct only using one point of control.


Sorry for the caps but its brilliant and I know what you did. I never thought to open it up. Now you can get the motion notifications and control the lights using the homeseer zwave device and just use the ring for the camera recording. I might go a little further and replace the lights with different bulbs so that they match my other lights.

I don't know why somebody hasn't created a device similar to the homeseer with video recording built in. Then you can mount it on the standard floodlights.

Thanks for the ideas!


As well as LUX and Temperature as this is a G2 floodlight sensor.. Driver coming in 2.2.5


Is that supposed to be:

Attach the red wire from the floodlight camera sensor to this black wire that was attached to the red wire from the camera.

?? Apologies a little confused and really want to do this hack but want to make sure I get it right.

Also very cool and thanks for this!!!!!

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Yes.. Correct

Guessing the camera behaves like a standard ring camera, or will 2.2.5 off the ability to do something with the video?


I just took a look at my Ring floodlights sans camera to see if that could be modded - Not sure as the existing motion detector has a straight shaft rather than a threaded socket and probably the wrong diameter.

Had not looked at that one yet.. I have one I was planning on doing the same thing to..

If the diameter is the same then I guess a little silicone would work.

For that matter.. the 1 ring floodlight I have.. I can replace with a normal dumb LED floodlight and the floodlight sensor..

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I had 2 ring floodlight cameras.. and wanted to keep the hardwired cameras.. But gain local control of the lights..

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Yeah I was on amazon looking at "regular" floodlight fixtures with the proper mounting socket. That HS device seems like a very capable device.

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adding lux / temperature / and motion and being able to control my floodlights through z-wave are big pluses ..

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Here is one that looks like it has the right hole in it..


I saw that one - wasn't sure about the socket on the bottom. Couldn't tell if it was the right thing or not.