Homeseer hs-fls100-g2 z-wave-plus floodlight sensor

Hi All,

New here and I did search through the older threads before posting. I have only recently discovered the existence of this device and it solves a very important problem for me. Just wondering before I replace all my units whether this controller is able to perform a similar function to my existing "dumb" (read: non-zwave) floodlight controllers. So this is more of a product specific question rather than strictly a hubitat automation related one, but I feel it falls well within the scope of device support.

The functionality I want to replicate is turn on in Dim Mode for X time period at sunset, then after X time period turn lights off completely. Easy enough, but I only want full brightness activation on motion detection during the entire operating time period (i.e. including X time period of dim mode operation).

Is this something that can be achieved with this controller alone or in combination with a hubitat rule?

Kind Regards and TIA to all.


This thread may have help\people you need. Oops, the most important one from that thread is already here. :slight_smile:

This device has no dimming capabilities.. It just has on/off

I was so excited..... Is there an alternative suggested solution to monitor flood lamp activation in this manner? the only thing I can think of that will perform as required is a wattage or current sensor.

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