- Now - Now Open!

@Royski and I have opened the website for free member registration.
That’s all....

You cannot login yet as the website is not complete and won’t be for a couple of weeks.
You can only register, ready for when the site becomes ‘live’

This is just so we can try and cope with the expected traffic on the site.
If everyone who has expressed an interest, registered and logged in all at once, I’m not sure the servers would be able to cope with it :slight_smile:

All members who register will receive an email as soon as the website is ready and login is authorised

For new users, who have not heard of the website, it holds a collection of custom apps & drivers, developed and written by me: Cobra.

@Royski works tirelessly and writes all the code for the website
(He is also my chief beta tester and a great ideas man! :slight_smile: )

The website (despite it’s domain name) has no connection to or hubitat inc
It’s a personal website from a couple of guys who have been using hubitat elevation hubs since they were available to us.
Actually, they were not available in the UK when I bought my first one.
I had to get someone in the US to buy it for me and have it shipped

I have been coding for the hubitat hub since it was released and for a couple of years on SmartThings before that.

Is this stuff any good?
Is it worth registering?
Well, according to my stats there are currently almost 1700 hubitat hubs that use one or more of my apps or drivers
There are over 3700 copies of my apps or drivers being used this week!

For those of you who know the old site and use some of my code:
Apart from all the old stuff there will be lots of new apps and drivers
I hope it was worth the wait (I’m pretty sure it will be)

UPDATE: is now open!!



I notice quite a few people have registered already! :slight_smile:
When you register, you should receive an email from the system with confirmation.
If you don’t get one within about 5 minutes please check your ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ folder.
If you don’t find anything, please PM either myself (@Cobra) or @Royski so we can check that your registration completed successfully.
Please note that we are both in the UK and bear in mind the time difference if you don’t get an immediate response to your PM



Why am I reminded of GI Joe with your and @Royski avatars at the top of the registration page.. maybe... umm... Cobra and Destro??? :slight_smile:


With the all work he does on the website, @Royski should be called ‘superman’ :slight_smile:


One thing that @Royski and I do when we receive a registration request is check this forum for user activity.
This is to make sure that the user is real and that the community account has existed for a while.
(i.e not just created so someone can register on our website)

PLEASE use your correct Hubitat community forum name when registering.
Unfortunately if you don't, the system will probably reject you registration!



Damn, you’re onto our marketing ploy lol.


pumped for this, thank you for giving us a way to use your apps again mate.


Congrats guys, looking forward to logging into the site!


Hey, thanks for this. Currently waiting for my HE to arrive, but currently on ST. UK based near Reading.


Welcome to Hubitat! Your timing is impeccable vis-a-vis being able to benefit from @Cobra's app collection.

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I've been waiting for final approval for >24 hours. I got the first email, and am waiting for admin that normal?

edit: tag also @Royski

Hi @mike,

As above,

The site is only open for registration at the momment. Mails will be sent to all, when its ready :+1:


Huh. I cant read.

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I dont think I got my confirmation, will check my spam and junk

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We received the registration :+1:


Good morning Royski. Following up on a post above that reply emails to registration requests are fairly quick and to ensure the reply they are not in junk folder. I believe i registered under my hubitat username. Could you tell me if it was received please. Thanks Mac

Looking forward to logging into the site when ready. Thanks.

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Your registration was sucessful


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Appreciate the reply. Looking forward to downloading the flasher code.

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Thanks @Cobra glad your are back. Thanks for all you do for us.

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