Set Mode based on Illuminance?

Is there a way to trick the Mode app into changing modes based on Illuminance from an outdoor sensor instead of time of day or sunset/rise +- X minutes? I'd like to be able to change from Morning to Day to Evening to Night based on a logical operation of an Illuminance threshold from an outdoor sensor, and Time of Day. Sunrise and Sunset +- X minutes is a rough alternative I am using now - but it does not account for the level of outdoor light on a rainy day vs a clear day.

I do exactly that but with a custom app “Modes Plus”
I have my morning & evening modes trigger on illuminance but only if it is within a number of minutes of sunrise or sunset respectively.

The info for the app is here:

The app is currently unavailable but will be very soon.


That looks like exactly what I was hoping for, thanks!

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