[Updated] One 2 Many Switching

Both use the standard ‘setLevel’ command.

Was there any actual errors (usually in red) in the logs?

The logs posted above are all I see... But I do know on my hub this:

Results in this until I refresh the follower switch:

I'll try recreating it from scratch again... That worked for my presence app issue...

Nope, just remade an app from scratch. Same behavior. Oh well. At least my RM rule works I guess. I swear everything I have done this week on HE hasn't worked. HE seems a lot flakier than ST was (for me).

So for me this O2M app does NOT update the follower switch status in HE:

But this RM rule does update the follower switch status every time:

Try changing the driver to non smart and add the device to the poller app, then test. I been using this O2M app and it works fine.

No point in changing drivers and resorting to scheduled polling, really.

It works fine in RM 100% of the time, so I personally don't think it is a driver issue.

I was just reporting back to try and help - I've already converted my needs to RM, so am fine.

Could you post your rule then?

The dimming RM rule (and my old O2M rule) is posted 2 or 3 above this one.

I couldn't figure out any way to do it in just one RM rule, so I have the one above that syncs the dimmer level and a second RM rule that does the device on-off syncing.

Got it, thanks

Hi Andy,

It seem that your github Apps are no longuer avalable. I was interested in the this Apps. Were can i find it.


@Cobra has taken his github offline but has promised to bring it back. It will likely be announced here at some point, but you can also try his site. http://hubitat.uk/

It is unlikely that my apps & drivers will ever return to github

However; they will return on my website at some point.


Sorry to say it Andy but you are the Grinch this Christmas.....

It's not Dec 25th yet...

Website open for membership registration


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Does this have any advantage over doing the same in RM other than organization and ease of setup? Is it faster, more reliable, or better practice to use apps over RM? Below is my rule that effectively does the same.

I would think it is easier to setup

Small apps like this often run a little faster than RM

Personally, I don't have RM installed on any of my hubs.. but that's just me :slight_smile:


@Cobra, does this do many to one?
im looking for something which
if switch a OR b is on, turn on switch c
if switch a AND b are off, turn off switch c


‘Average All’ will do that for you.
Currently, it can group motion sensors, contacts or switches


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Thanks, ill get on it

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posted quiry in Average all

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