Is there an app that flashes lights, yet returns them to their original status?

Works perfectly for me:

I'm curious why your repeat looks different than mine. Oh, and I also had to make it 5 times....otherwise the light was in the same stat that it started anyway (toggle an even number of times and it will be). What type of device are you controlling? Anything that has any type of ramp rate isn't going to work for something like this (i.e. a dimmer). I tested using a smart plug and it worked fine.

I've just added the code to flash on arrival of a presence sensor to the app.
I will release it soon


They’re hue lights

What do you have the Transition Time set to? That is going to cause a delay. If you have that set to 1s, the second toggle is going to be ignored. Try setting the transition time to 500ms and then the repeat to every 2 seconds and I'm willing to bet it will work then. I just tried it with my hue lights and it did work.


It looks like your rule is still repeating in that screenshot. I had this issue when trying to do something similar. I ended up clicking "Run Actions" until the repeat was finished. I also changed the repeat time to every 2 sec, and now it works perfectly.

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No, the UI doesn't live update unless you refresh the page. Don't let the UI scare you. Go into the app config page (cog wheel). That is the final authority on what the app is actually doing.

Where do I set the transition time?

On the device edit page.

Thx, always end on now. Smh

Even if they are off at the beginning? And your transition time is set to 500 ms? When you changed the rule, did you click on "Update Rule" before trying to run the actions? I just tried mine from Off and it works perfectly. Ended off.

Shouldn't the repeat count be an even number, so it would end up in the same state that it started?

Maybe mines broken

How could yours be broken? This is a Hue RGBW bulb? When you changed the transition time, you saved the changes there too? And you didn't answer me about hitting update rule. Can you turn on logging for the rule and descriptive logging for the device and try again and capture the logs?

Yes, I did, this is light starting off

Wait....this is a group device? You didn't mention that before. So, this isn't a Hue light but a hubitat Group device? Yeah, that's probably not going to work. There are too many messages. But Are the transition times for all the lights 500 ms? Also try toggling just one of the lights in the group rather than the group.

It’s my hue bedroom, it’s 4 overhead lights

Okay, I asked a few questions in that last post. Can you answer them all?

Cobra. Can you tell me if your flasher code is still posted please? I just bought a sage door bell and i'd like to be able to flash the lights on my patio as there is no door bell out there.
Not certain if it makes a difference but i actually have dimmers vs on off switches.

Appreciate any assistance.

It will be back on my website soon...

The app will work with switches, dimmers, or bulbs
I’m just working on this app actually, cleaning up and consolidating the code.


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Thanks. Registered.

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