Is there an app that flashes lights, yet returns them to their original status?

Good morning. Is there an app that flashes lights, yet returns them to their original status?

Thank you

Use RM4.0's Capture and Restore. For example:

Capture: Office track lights
Flash: Office track lights
Restore: Office track lights --> delayed: 0:00:05

Set the delay to however long you want the lights to flash for.


My app ‘Flasher’ will do exactly that
It will be available (along with my other apps) soon on a new website.



Agreed. Use native/built in functionality whenever possible versus user apps.

I’m completely the opposite!
I don’t have RM installed and find writing a little app quicker most times.

Yes, but for non-developers it is better to stick with in-box functionality when it meets their technical requirements. It reduces support issues, and besides... You never know when an author will pull their code down. :slight_smile:

(that was meant as a joke, although one based in reality. lol)


Hey, remember that guy @Cobra used to have a website with code and stuff? :wink:

LOL I missed you guys!

Yeah, I see your point there.
However, it was done at a time when I had no support issues on any of my apps.
And people can always continue to use what they have already installed.
Anyway, they will be back soon :slight_smile:

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Seen recently?


I was just teasing. :slight_smile: I wasn't trying to start anything.

And I'm glad they are coming back. I don't use any of the apps (I also tend to just write my own app if I have a specific need), but I know MANY, MANY others do! They are great apps, and great additions to the ecosystem.


LOL! I was just about to call you on that typo! :wink: Like @JasonJoel, I was joking. After being off the forums all summer, I need to get my sense of humor text translator fixed.

Soooooo, close to a new release then?


Yeah, it’s just real life is getting in the way of the recode atm
Lots of work to do and a number of new & updated apps/drivers to complete.
Also testing registration/login & password reset etc to make sure it’s easy to do.


Right on! Yeah, I know all about that real life thing. Hit me hard this summer and I'm just now getting all caught up again. sigh

I still have a lot of your apps sitting in app code. :slight_smile:

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No offence was taken Jason :slight_smile:

As of midnight last night..
1214 hubs have at least one of my current apps or driver on
2695 versions of my current apps/drivers are in use on those hubs..
Interestingly, in addition to this, there are still 60 copies of my old unsupported stuff too (dunno exactly what that is all about ) :slight_smile:

Currently 106 people are using ‘Flasher’

I like to see where to concentrate resources :slight_smile:



And maybe a few more on which users modified the code to not phone home and provide telemetry. :wink:

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Haha yep!
I only count unique IP addresses though.
I don’t even see those, they are deleted after the calculation is done.
Even if they weren't, There is no other data collected so I wouldn’t know which IP went to which hub.

I actually doubt anyone actually removes the telemetry code. There is really no point in doing so.

I need to quit being a smart arse. lol. Apparently I'm just in an instigating mood today. That doesn't bode well for the meeting I'm getting to jump on with my Wales team.

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Actually, it was never intended for this use.
Only for update notification.. but I realised I could do something else with the connections.

I think it was a pretty darn smart thing to do!

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If you don’t mind me asking, how soon? I only ask because some of my future purchases depend on this