How to factory reset the hub for the purposes of resale?

Search brings up a suggestion to 'open a ticket' with support, which I believe is this forum?

I've followed steps found here:

but it hasn't worked, there's no option to delete the backups in http://hubitat.local/hub.backup and the logs are still visible.

Off to the right of the backup there should be an option to delete it

an update allowed the delete option for backups to appear, but the logs still don't appear to be scrub-able. I might have to use the full reset thanks for that link

@bobbyD any idea on how to purge the logs short of the full reset?

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Yes, give me a second I am working on instructions.

thanks i'll hang 10

You certainly do not need to open a ticket to reset your own hub. Following are the steps that should be performed:

  1. Connect to hub and click Settings on the left menu, then select Z-Wave Details. On the Z-Wave Details page, reset the radio by typing "reset" in the Reset Z-Wave Radio field.
  2. Go back to Settings and select Zigbee Details. Reset the radio by typing "reset" in the Reset Zigbee Radio field.
  3. Go to Diagnostic Tool and select "Soft Reset" (make sure you mark the checkbox to "Also clear the past logs"). *
  4. After the Soft Reset is completed, connect to the hub and confirm that "Get Started" screen is shown.
  5. Go back to Diagnostic Tool and select Shut Down.
  6. Log into and go to Registered Hubs, then select de-register hub.
  7. Unplug the hub (confirm the red LED light is displayed).

*NOTE requires Diagnostic tool version 1.0.97 or newer

The option to "Also clear past logs" is currently in beta testing, so if you need to remove past logs, please send me a PM with your hub's MAC address so we can enable the beta version of the upcoming Diagnostic Tool.


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