Cannot run Full Reset and cannot Reset the Z-Wave Radio C7

I want to Factory Reset my C7 but have 2 problems -

  1. I cannot run a "Full Reset": Following "How to Migrate to a New Hub | Hubitat Documentation" I cannot find the "Advanced" section under Settings > Diagnostic Tool on the hub so no way to select a "Full Reset".

  2. I cannot Reset Z-Wave Radio: Following "How to factory reset the hub for the purposes of resale? - #8 by bobbyD" Under Settings > Z-Wave Details there is No "Reset Z-Wave Radio" field.

I can run a Soft Reset but the Local Backups and Zwave database remain.

Follow the steps here to update your Diagnostic Tool (make sure you're also on the latest platform release), or leave it online a day or two to let it do so on its own:


Thank you for forwarding that info. After a few minutes a message was displayed indicating the tool had been updated and I was able to run a Full Reset.

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