Doorbell sensors $1

Sage doorbell sensors have finally found their way to eBay. I bought a 2 pack and tried it out, and after verifying they worked I wanted to mention it to the community. I am in no way affiliated with any of the sellers, but here is one of the better deals:

A box of 12 for $15, but they will take offers for less. I know because I bought a pack for no good reason besides maybe some other project.

I used this driver:

And created a Pushover notification through RM.


Just ordered 1 of 2 remaining. Figure an extra one will not hurt to keep if the original failed.

What do you use these for besides sensing a doorbell? I can;t imagine you need that many unless you can utilize them for other functions

They must have pushed their inventory out to liquidators or something.

Could be useful for other contact devices... assuming it doesn't require the doorbell voltage... but since it has its own battery it would seem there is hope.

Interested in this device. Researched a bit.

Useful links:

  1. Darwin's Den Review
  2. SAGE User Guide
  3. Setup Video

Thanks to the OP.


Nice. I have been wanting to avoid a doorbell camera, but would like a notification of the button. Cheap enough, I bought one.

I ordered a couple of these too. And, it appears the DH is now working properly too.

But, apparently, these items on eBay may be the last of the summer wine...

*Darwin's Den Author

December 29, 2016 - 8:07 pm

Cross-post from Nexia Doorbell Sensor Review: Disappointingly, EchoStar has discontinued the SAGE product line on September 30, 2016 – shortly after its release. I keep hoping the SAGE Zigbee doorbells would be picked up by another reseller, but to no avail. My SAGE doorbell has performed flawlessly now for months, and I would willing to do what I can to help distribute inventory that might remain or be produced, but it doesn’t appear that they are being made available at this time.

I also bought one at $4.98 (shipped!) and its installed and working. I had resisted spending any money on a doorbell solution since 1) we rarely have someone ring the bell, and 2) I was just waiting for a video doorbell at the right price. But for $5 ,, heck yeah.

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What type of batteries do these devices use?

Nice find! I bought 2 to throw in my bag-o-tricks. Emitting a signal from a 10-24v source might come in handy.

I am always finding things still in the box and no idea even when I got them or why. Liquidators count on that I guess.

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CR2 3V and a lithium CR2 comes with it.

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Is there a driver for Hubitat to allow these sensors to work? I'm Interested to get one

It was never tagged as released, but the thread ends with it working.

Yes, see the link trunzoc posted. It is working for me.

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Hal is it the one on github made for ST? SAGE-Doorbell-Sensor-ST/SAGE_Doorbell_Sensor_ST.txt at master Β· lmosenk/SAGE-Doorbell-Sensor-ST Β· GitHub
I'm not even close to being a programmer lolo. Is there any tweaks needed for Hubitat? Sorry for my ignorance

No problem, tony3286. All you need to do is go into Drivers Code, add New Driver, then smash that Import button. Specify the URL below, and then Save.

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Hal thank you so much. I'm just a recently retired guy trying to keep my mind active. Working with this community I've learned so much most importantly is this group is full of great guys with TONS of patience which i appreciate greatly. Many thanks.


Gals too.


Slip of the tongue lolo Gals too !