Doorbell sensors $1

Do these things require a connection to 24V to detect a "button pushed"? Has anyone tried any other way to trigger the Zigbee radio? These could be very useful if there were ways to use them in other ways.

These devices are for the very specific use case of a transformer driven doorbell chime. That is, it is looking for 10-24 VAC on the inputs. It isn't likely that there is any other 10-24 VAC devices in your house other than the doorbell chime. I suppose in theory you could find where on the circuit board, this is reduced to binary logic to trigger the radio to send a button press, but other solutions (such as a contact sensor) are not that much more than $5, and are much, much smaller.



Thermostats and whole house humidifiers do use 24 VAC but not important here.

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Solenoid valves on water-to-air heat pumps use 12 VAC,

Anyone else have an issue with theirs? It pairs fine, but it only registers the first press. Been ringing my doorbell all night with nothing else. I have repaired and same thing happened. Using the driver here

I just got mine today and installed and was running into same problem. Finally I changed under "Device Preferences" the 10 seconds to 5 seconds. Also for some crazy reason it was not working under notifications so I used Rule machine and used trigger event as Doorbell sensor button 1 pushed and the Action to run was Notify Pushover. Working perfectly now.

ALSO BIG SHOUT OUT to HAL9000 who aimed me in the right direction for the driver.



That should mostly go to @trunzoc .. I was led to the driver by him.


Just a heads up.

The driver as posted on github produced duplicate events for me when button 2 (rear) was pressed.

I've already notified the original poster of the driver.

The issue is a difference is the handling of button presses, specifically line 183 (duplicates) and 193 (no duplicates).

My fixed code is below


switch(buttonNumber) {
    case 0: 
        if (!isDuplicateCall(state.lastButton2Updated, state.timeBetweenPresses) )
	       log.debug ("Rear Doorbell Pressed!")               
           result = [ name: 'button', value: "pushed", data: [buttonNumber: 2], isStateChange: true]
           sendEvent (name: "pushed", value: "2", isStateChange: true) 
        state.lastButton2Updated = new Date().time	

    case 1: 
        if (!isDuplicateCall(state.lastButton1Updated, state.timeBetweenPresses) )
	       log.debug ("Front Doorbell Pressed!")
           result = [ name: 'button', value: "pushed", data: [buttonNumber: 1], isStateChange: true]
           sendEvent (name: "pushed", value: "1", isStateChange: true) 
        state.lastButton1Updated = new Date().time
return result
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Much appreciated. Having just front doorbell, hopefully this wont affect me but it would affect others. Thanks again!

Thank you all for posting about this...mine just arrived and is working great. Anyone else seeing battery %? Not showing up on mine for some reason.

@tony3286 , mine is sending push notifications just fine using the built in Notifications app...

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Could have sworn I created the same notification but thinking back I could have skipped button number.

As far as reporting battery %, I to dont see it either, In fact, I took the battery out to test it and it was fine

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Battery is not reporting on mine either.

I'm also getting this error in the log, anyone else seeing this.

2019-11-21 09:10:49.294 pm [error] groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: user_driver_darwinsden_SAGE_Doorbell_Sensor_794.button1DisplayReset() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] on line 209 (refresh)


Try the driver I posted and you won't see that error. The device always report 0 for battery unfortunately.

Can you create a link to your driver. I haven't been able to locate it. I've been using the code Hal9000 pointed me to in this conversation and have received no error codes. Everything has worked perfectly. Much appreciated!

I did not even know that this type of device existed or I would have gotten one earlier. I have one on order now and will install it once it arrives. Thank you for posting this.

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Post the code fix to the original GitHub link.

Can you post your fix to the GitHub original link?

Got mine. It's awesome.

I changed up the driver that is floating around to include parameters to store custom names for each contact. This is convenient for logging purposes. Other than that, it's not changed

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Any possibility of getting battery level to show?