Can it handle my Halloween doorbell scare?

I have some old stuff that used to work well for this, but no more. Looking to move into the current century. What my old system did was once someone pressed the doorbell (standard chime doorbell) the system triggered a macro that turned on a strobe light and started my smoke machine, and played a particular MP3.
Looking to find a new answer for all of this. Does not have to be doorbell triggered, motion sensor will also work. Trip the sensor, start a smart outlet that has the strobe and the hand made controller for the smoke machine, have it run for a specified amount of time, but can this system also somehow trigger playing my scream track? Bluetooth works just fine for me, but would like to use the speakers I have if possible.
I appreciate any input.

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you can play the mp3 via a sonos/google home/alexa device

It’s also possible to integrate traditional doorbells with the sage doorbell sensor:

Can’t get them at the eBay listing in that post anymore, but they’re still around.

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Hue outdoor motion sensors also work really well...

IM playing sounds by my PI connected to a PA amp outside. I Triger it from hubitat play command. I cant find any good sounds. The free ones I found dont sound good in a PA horn due to the level changing. Do you know of any free long playing ones.

I'm going to use the Unifi Protect plugin to get a trigger for doorbell presses then the VLC plugin to play some sounds to play to a bluetooth speaker located on my porch. In addition, going to use the person detection triggers from Unifi Protect to change some WLED light strip effects as people approach porch. Looking forward to getting everything setup!

cheapest way to do this if you are in the us.. is get one of these.. it is zigbee..

i have the following rule for it.

We live in an older neighborhood with few children. We usually have at most 10 visitors even though our house is lit up and decorated. My wife insists on buying a HUGE bag of candy. Or course, we always have leftover candy. It’s too good to throw away. And she is Type 2. :roll_eyes:

I put an Echo Dot outside playing spooky sounds.

Sure miss the old days when my sons were about 8 and 10. Lots of young families then. One year I had a not so bright idea to carry a huge pillowcase. The boys would go up to the house and the people would see their empty bags and fill them up. Then my sons would dump their bags into my pillowcase and we would continue. By the end of the night the pillowcase was HEAVY. Didn’t do that again, as it was teaching deception gets rewarded, and Dad got tired of lugging the huge bag of candy from house to house.

When my now 33 year old Air Force Tech Sergeant was about 6, he asked a lady if she put needles in her candy. At least he paid attention to the news.

I give away full-size candy bars. Word gets out. I get a lot of kids.

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i'm going to your house, lol


Same here :slight_smile: We're a "Must stop" little neighborhood of 6 houses where everyone gives out full size candy bars and goes wild decorating.