Can it handle my Halloween doorbell scare?

I have some old stuff that used to work well for this, but no more. Looking to move into the current century. What my old system did was once someone pressed the doorbell (standard chime doorbell) the system triggered a macro that turned on a strobe light and started my smoke machine, and played a particular MP3.
Looking to find a new answer for all of this. Does not have to be doorbell triggered, motion sensor will also work. Trip the sensor, start a smart outlet that has the strobe and the hand made controller for the smoke machine, have it run for a specified amount of time, but can this system also somehow trigger playing my scream track? Bluetooth works just fine for me, but would like to use the speakers I have if possible.
I appreciate any input.

you can play the mp3 via a sonos/google home/alexa device

It’s also possible to integrate traditional doorbells with the sage doorbell sensor:

Can’t get them at the eBay listing in that post anymore, but they’re still around.

Hue outdoor motion sensors also work really well...

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