Wired doorbell switch or sensor

Is there a z-wave/zigbee device that I can connect to an existing door bell circuit to send a signal to Hubitat? Preferably the wired door bell switch itself that I can operate through Hubitat. If not, just something that I can add to the circuit to send an event.

I saw a couple of complete doorbell systems, but I am looking for something that will work with an existing system.

I think there was one just on sale recently. There was a lot of discussion here. I will see if I can search and find it.

I have no personal experience with this product but this is the thread I saw:

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Myself and several others recently installed the Sage doorbell sensor. Im very happy with it. And it was dirt cheap on eBay.

Here’s a link to the thread:

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Wow ! Really cool !!
Ordered !!

Take this with a grain of salt, just trying to start a debate.
Why would you want a notification for a doorbell? You’re home, you hear the bell, the dog starts barking and you get a text?
Your away, you get a text? What are you going to do?

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Good point, Matt. However, in terms of automation, human race has passed the "Why?" stage. We are obsessed. We have gone crazy. Can't even imagine we were once hunter-gatherers who had no "home" to automate.

The dogs are not a reliable notification mechanism. Too many false positives. They bark at anything and everything.

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I want my doorbell to notify me when I'm on my back patio as sometimes we have people stop by and we are already in the backyard. So we know to answer the door. It just speaks on the patio speaker.
Also, Ups leaves packages and rings the bell. It's another notification that someone was at the front door remotely.

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I don't use the notification when location is "home". You can simply put that restriction in place. Although this might come in handy if I am in the backyard, basement, or place where I can't hear the doorbell. My yard is quite big, and there are places where I cannot see or hear the doorbell.

I can hook this into my camera system's DVR, and trigger an alarm. That will place bookmarks on the DVR for later review, and it takes a screen capture. I also can switch to the camera's phone app to see who is at the door. In addition, I trigger the porch light if at night so the cameras can see who is at the door, and run a couple other rules about turning on certain lights, and not turning on others.

I have the same issue. They are a great alarm, but I would rather they don't bark at literally everything.

Short story on the value of the dog-alarm. At one time we had four dogs - fairly barky dogs (two chi mixes, a dachshund, and a spitz) and our next door neighbor had two Great Pyrenees that barked enough that the neighbor behind us called the police several times to complain. Our driveways were between the two houses and the separation between the houses was not much more than the width of those two single driveways. One night some jack@$$ broke the window out of my wife's truck to steal her GPS. Not one of those six dogs ever let out a sound.

Because I have a two story detached garage and can't hear the doorbell in the house (about 30' behind the garage), plus I have another workshop behind the garage where I can't even see the house. Being able to be notified that someone is ringing my doorbell would be very handy.

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