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I've been thinking a lot about open source development and intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, there are some things I'd like fixed with Hubitat integrations, but I think that pure extrinsic rewards might be a bad thing for the vibrant community that exists. So I'd like to try a hybrid approach. I've added this to my profile, but I'm going to post it as well for visibility. Open to feedback!

Bounty List
Get these fully working and I'll donate $120* to a charity of your choice**

New (Package Manager) Bounties! $40
If you are the owner of these apps and you update them to be compatible with Hubitat Package Manager going forward (or you get the original app owners permission and update their publicly available github code and it's approved by them) then collect a $40 donation bounty (same charity qualifications below apply**)

Claimed Bounties

No Cookie Licking, please! either work together or race to finish, just starting or delivering a broken unstable v1 doesn't count :slight_smile:

*If you build on an app/driver written by one or more people, the bounty is split evenly with all authors (as long as they're still active on community) I'll donate $50 of my own money and $50 of my companies matching funds, in the name of your choosing. If you make your app/driver and its future versions compatible with Hubitat Package Manager I'll increase the total donation to $120

**non-political, non-religious charity with a score of 90% or higher on Charity Navigator


Heads up to @snell @Stat @mkhan01 @zackrbrown @rhodesda who are already working on some of the integrations listed here :slight_smile:


Is anyone working on the IKEA Symfonisk music controller? I have it on my TODO to write a driver, just not gotten around to it yet.

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There is a lot going on in the linked thread, but it doesn't seem like anyone has anything working as the physical control is supposed to work without a bunch of overlapping convoluted rules (a flywheel that smoothly controls a dimmable value) I'm waiting on my devices to arrive.

If you take it on, I think it would be really great to be able to set the increment value of the turning, to be able to make it more or less fine grained control, and also treat press + turn separate from turn alone. Just some ideas.

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I'll write the driver regardless since I want one written the way I want it, if someone makes one before me or has started on one already, shout out and I'll leave the charity bounty for you (whoever writes the other driver) to collect.

EDIT: Once written, if there are extra features needed I can add them, no problem :slight_smile:

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I'm not collecting any bounty, I'm paying them :wink:

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Clarified my reference to "you" :wink:

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Why don't you put all of my existing work on your list and pay me retroactively? I accept only the finest aged cheeses as payment though. And I've just left Earth to establish a colony on Mars so shipping is going to be a chore.


I only want what I want :slight_smile: but feel free to jump on any new ones… and find a cheese charity.

How did you decide on $120 as the amount for your bounty?


$120 seemed like a meaningful amount as a donation to a charity, and $50 is something I’m willing to pay out of pocket, and $10 is what auto updating is worth to me.


Added new bounties for Hubitat Package Manager migrations (heads up @dman2306)


@jared.zimmerman just a heads-up regarding the @veeceeoh drivers, he has not been seen in the community since the end of February.

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thanks for the heads up, I know there's been a lot of stuff going on since January....

I will start moving mine soon, I won't want the bounty, just needed a push, cause I'm lazy...


Thinking about it again, this got me to collect myself and publish my own Xiaomi/Aqara drivers, they do have support for HPM.

So is this a $120 bounty or a $40 bounty :wink:

If anything, but it's not on your list exactly, is it? You decide what you want to do :wink:

Name your charity and I'll get things started


I'll ask my wife, she is the one choosing those things for us normally. I'll have an answer shortly :slight_smile:

@jared.zimmerman Please donate the bounty to the American Brain Tumor Association.