Keenect Lite (Release)

So I refactored the Keenect Code I have been using to simplify the code and the setup. I have removed a lot of the things I did not use, hence the Lite moniker. The code was reduced to about 25% of the Keenect I ported from ST. If you want to move to this and I removed a critical piece of functionality, let me know.

Kudos to @mike.maxwell who created the original app.

Tile device:

If wanted install virtual devices for each zone using the tile device for getting data to the dashboard.

Rough instructions can be found here:

Install KeenectLiteMaster

Add in your Main Household thermostat and select if it does AC. Change the logging level if you like.
Re open and click on the gray bar under zones.

I have a virtual thermostat to set the target temperature for each zone. You can use your main thermostat for the setpoint for each zone as well.

Vent and sensor and dashboard tile are self explanatory.

Minimum and Maximum vent opening put limits on how open a vent can or can't be.

Fan Mode is how open you want a vent in Fan Only mode of your main thermostat.

Installing a dashboard item:

Select the tile device, attribute and then select KeenectData under the attribute.

Updated zone code to ver 1.0.1 to support different max and min opening for heating and cooling. You have to re-open and save/change the min/max vent openings.

Updated to ver 1.0.2 to support multiple vents in a zone. You have to re-open and re-select the vent(s) you want in a zone.

Updated main to 1.0.1 and zone to 1.0.4 to fix a GUI issue, and fix a case where the vent and app were out of sync.

Updated zone to 1.0.4 to add a pause to the zone and add vent control settings. the control settings change how close to the setpoint until the vent starts to close. Aggressive waits until .5 degrees, normal starts closing at 1 degree, and slow starts at 2 degrees.

Updated to 1.0.6 added local zone tstat control. If Main tstat is cooling, and local tstat is in heat, this will close the vent to min. ditto for heating and local in cooling. local tstat in off closes the vent

Updated child to 1.0.7. This is for when Fan Only is not being sent by thermostats. There is a switch for idle condition to be the same as fan only.

Updated child to 2.0.0. Added Dashboard tile support. Added Binary control.


Ok, I setup a zone for the hottest room in the house and I am not sure what I am missing. I kicked on the fan on the nest and the vent stayed at 25%. Also, I must have missed how to set the temp threshold to close the vent.

Bunker Zone Logs:
app:1152019-04-17 10:24:14.197 pm infoevaluateVentsOpening: --EXIT

app:1152019-04-17 10:24:14.191 pm infoRunning zoneEvaluate

app:1152019-04-17 10:24:14.183 pm infoRunning MainTstatStateChange

app:1152019-04-17 10:24:05.462 pm infoevaluateVentsOpening: --EXIT

app:1152019-04-17 10:24:05.338 pm infoevaluateVentsOpening:Set The Vent

app:1152019-04-17 10:24:05.327 pm infoevaluateVentsOpening:Calculate Vent Opening

app:1152019-04-17 10:24:05.320 pm infoRunning zoneEvaluate

app:1152019-04-17 10:24:04.801 pm infoRunning MainTstatStateChange

--- Live Log Started, waiting for events ---

Bunker vent logs:
dev:592019-04-17 10:24:05.389 pm infoBunker Vent is 25%

--- Live Log Started, waiting for events ---

2 things: The max vent opening is less than your fan opening. So when the fan kicks on, it will stay at 25%.
Nest is polled so it might be a little bit before you see the vent move.

What I am not seeing is the ventmode change
It would look like this

2019-04-18 04:16:32.068 am debugevaluateVentsOpening: ventmode: FAN ONLY

And did you set logging to need help?

I replied earlier in the older Keenect thread in error. I added the virtual thermostat per your instructions. If I understand correctly, the setpoint for the virtual thermostat basically acts as a limit for the vent to open or close when the temp sensor reaches that temp. Going back to the question I asked before, I now have the min opening set to 5% for that room and the max at 100%. If heat was running, i would prefer to be able to set the flow at say 25% max. and then set the fan opening to 100%. Is this not possible?

Not at present, easy to add. Right now Max is Max for anything

OK, thanks

updated with min and max vent for heating and cooling to be separate. You have to re-open and save the min and max vent openings.

Ok, thanks. I updated the code. What options should I be looking at to manipulate the setpoint if needed on the Nest thermostat. Let's say the rest of the house is cool enough but my office is hot, I use the Nest remote sensors but since Nest doesn't expose them in the API, they don't help with Hubitat. Do you use a third party remote sensor or multiple remote sensors and average them like the Ecobee does?

I have a temperature sensor (motion/contact) in each vent zone. The biggest problem is how often they update, so I have a rule in RM that says if Nest is heating or cooling, then update refresh the temperature sensor every 10 minutes. I have had to modulate the update to make my house happy.

As to setting the Nest temperature, I haven't had to mess with that since each zone has a different setpoint which are not far away from Nest setpoint. I found I needed to watch my system to determine if my setpoints including Nest are realistic. Here is the dashboard I made to track.

Yeah, that makes sense. Cool dashboard. Are dashboards exportable/shareable? So far, I have not setup any dashboards. Well, I have setup one but just with a button to test it. For control, I have been passing devices into homebridge and then to homekit.

Any chance of making it so multiple vents can be selected for a particular zone? All my zones have multiple vents in them.


Should be possible, give me a couple days...

+1 on that! Multiple vents is the only thing keeping me on the non-lite version.

Multiple Vent support added. You have to fix the vent selection in each zone if you have already installed zones previously.

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Can one setup a "Virtual Thermostat" if one does not connect to an Ecobee or Nest?
I'd like to stay completely local, and take the temperature settings from Fibaro Door/Window sensors in each room.

Thanks for adding the multi vents support. Testing now.

Yes, you will have to set the main virtual thermostat state to cooling or heating for the vents to react in each zone. Otherwise, the vent won’t know what to do.

Create a virtual device, set the type to virtual thermostat.

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