[ON AIR] Battery powered indicator light

OMG! @aaiyar you DO know that I'm going to have to jump into that rabbit hole now, right?


Yup. I believe you. I got all my calendar events synchronized into Node-RED now.

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I would love to know of any zigbee/zwave battery powered ACTUATORS vs sensors.

Also if you use O365 the included Microsoft "Flow" or now I Think they call it automation allows you to create rules based on your calendar. I think it would be pretty simple to use that to flip a switch in HE using maker API.


Just want to mention since I don’t know what @jared.zimmerman is using for a calendar, but Apple iCloud calendar is almost impossible to integrate using any tool... they don’t provide any iCal or API

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Check this out:

Works with cloud iCal.

I use these at work


To get the same feature at home I used a yeelight color bulb outside my office. I have some custom software that uses the maker api, but in absence of that the node-red option seems like it will do the same.

Big thing is the hardware, either of those options above have served me well, believe me you WILL want to be able to manually control them too.

Apple's iCalendar, despite the name, does not support iCal. It only publishes a caldav if it was a public calendar. So for my personal calendar, it's not public which means it's not visble to caldav or ical :frowning: One of those times I really hate apple!

I'm thinking more low tech, but maybe a smart button you just press to turn on a lamp/bulb/or night light.


Discussed prior: Battery powered LED Notifier?

My solution was to get https://www.amazon.com/SYLVANIA-Changing-Dimmable-SmartThings-Assistant/dp/B00R1PB80I and put it outside my office.

Wow this blew up…

Ok so…

  • All our wall switches are casetta do not willing to swap just one out in the hall by the office with the (very cool!) inovelli one

  • the hall light fixture is ornamental and uses non-standard light bulbs for which their are not RGB smart bulbs to replace (also it’s on a casetta dimmer so those wouldn’t work anyway

  • old house so their aren’t any outlets in the hall where the door to the office is.

  • I wanted something battery powered not just so I could put one above the office door, but also in the living room too, since you can’t see the office door from that living room

  • we have a couple hue Go lights but those batteries only last 2-3 hours. I figure a device with mini-leds and a good diffuser could last off battery for a very long time.

  • I don’t actually want an on air sign, but if you do, there are some really cool vintage looking ones on Etsy. https://etsy.me/2BeCfOL

That’s TBD, I use google calendar and my wife uses Apple calendar, but it’s from a feed from her work so I think I could be easily imported into Google calendar as well.

Since there is no default Google Calendar Hubitat integration (I know about the ifttt work around) maybe this is a good opportunity for a new Code bounty $$$ ...

Do you have the centralite Night Light Repeater? Curious how long the battery lasts if you're not using it as a nightlight, temp sensor, and repeater and using it only as an indicator for a couple hours a day.

Never mind, looks like its just a pit of despair, see Centralite 3420 Nightlight Repeater

At some point I plan to build iCalendar but I’m not a big google user

Google calendar has a secret public ical address for each calendar so if you built that it would be generally usable by most everything

Added it to the Code bounty $$$ if that helps to inspire you at all :wink:

There is a community integration. See this thread for more details and screenshots on setting up the Google side of things:

My integration is set to run once a day, that was my need, so it would need to be edited for multiple appointments in your use case.


That thing looks cool, but man what a bad time to be the maker of a device that seems much less valuable if people aren’t in the same physical workspace together...

if the kuando busy light was wireless and battery powered it would be perfect

just found this Buy now: the legendary Luxafor Bluetooth busylight! - Luxafor

I have used this exact device as well. It also can be controlled via an api for automation etc. More technical but lots of code examples can be found on GitHub. One caveat, sucker eats through the charge fast, I ended up soldering in a power supply

I use Presencelight from Microsoft store, which connects to Microsoft Teams. You can use the custom API calls to work with thing in Hubitat.

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