Centralite 3420 Nightlight Repeater

Venting / Ranting / Pulling my hair out

I bought this thing in the hopes that I could utilize it for a few things... And had put too much energy into the development of a driver..

  • Notification of power failure (as it has a battery backup)
  • Be able to control the RGB light

It doesn't support the clusters necessary to do rgb color.. and the only power source information is in the basic cluster and doesn't change when mains power is lost... It always has the bits set for mains power and battery backup … I just wasted a day...

Now as far as the basic functionality of the device it work..

  • I can turn on / off the light and control the level
  • It acts as a ZigBee repeater even during a power failure
  • The night light turns on during a power failure


What an infuriating device :rage:

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Does someone need a big hug? :wink:


I might :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It does look like an interesting device. I could use the colored lights as an indicator of the gas valve to the grill and oven being on but if you have no control of them . . .


I know right... I had so many ideas on uses for this thing.. There was no driver but I was up to the challenge... But it really is good for nothing but a nightlight


Does it make a good nightlight? And do you need one? I have all sorts of things in drawers that just didn't work as they were advertised. Many I should have returned and given bad reviews for.

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Yea.. it does function well as a nightlight .. and the backup battery is a nice touch.. It claims it will run for 24 hours on battery doing repeating and lighting ..

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If this device hits the market again, I'll do a driver for it.


I did one @mike.maxwell.. It just doesn't do what I want it to do.. In fact the generic ZigBee light bulb driver seems to work fine for it.. I was just really hoping for RGB control and mains power monitoring..

Cluster: 0x0000 Basic
Cluster: 0x0003 Identify
Cluster: 0x0004 Groups
Cluster: 0x0005 Scenes
Cluster: 0x0006 On/Off
Cluster: 0x0008 Level Control
Cluster: 0x0B05 Diagnostics
Cluster: 0x0019 OTA

I thought I would be able to use power source to monitor mains power.. but the bits don't change on the report.. It always shows mains and battery backup, and doesn't change on removal of mains power.. It also doesn't report on the status of the backup battery level etc..

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Missing 0x0300 color control cluster and any other power source monitoring

Would have been nice to have 0x0500 IAS Zone
with 7 AC (mains) attribute bit
1 – AC/Mains fault
0 – AC/Mains OK

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I have one of these and have been plugging away at it. I emailed Centralite and got a response that basically boiled down to "confirm with the home automation system you're using that the device is fully integrated so that you can take advantage of all the features" because "We know for sure the device's capabilities match the ones listed on the datasheet but how it behaves is related directly to the integration performed by the other companies"...

If this DOES get working fully I agree it would be a really nice device to have around. Even without all the features it is useful.

As is, I have the following features working:

  • On/Off
  • Level
  • Identify (flashes through a bunch of colors by default) for 30 seconds
  • Basic device information (including a power-source value of 81, no idea what that means, does not change)

Features not working:

  • Anything color related
  • Current power status
  • Anything battery related
  • Anything temperature related
  • Anything involving front button
  • Anything involving back button
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Basically exactly what I got.. Which was useless to me so I dropped the project

It definitely is not as useful as it should be. I will still work at it a bit because my girls like it as a night light (especially if I leave it in color-fading mode).

Why there does not seem to be any way to get the color controllable... beats me. My priority list is:
Power State

If I make any headway I will post about it. Maybe there will be a positive someday.

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Right! I was excited about the potential of this thing.. But was seriously let down

Well, I made a bit more progress with the battery now being reported (sometimes) and it reports changes when the front button is pressed.

I have also been bumped up by their support chain... supposedly they are going to get a program/project manager in touch with me. Hopefully to confirm which it is:
Bad datasheet (the worst scenario)
Bad firmware (maybe fixable)


good luck.. It would be nice they would match the datasheet specs..

Totally agree. My hope at this point is that it is a firmware problem, they have a release, and they are willing to provide it to be loaded OTA (since even the ZigBee alliance certification say it does that).


I have one of these which was sent to us when CentraLite was still a thing, at that time they said the color cluster implementation would be in a future firmware update...
We don't have any current plans for writing a driver for it.

Just wanted to update about the LED


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