[RELEASE] HubConnect Netatmo Weather Station Client (HubConnect not req'd)

I am pleased to announce the release of a brand new, Netatmo integration to Hubitat.

This is NOT a ported app.. It is a brand-new integration, written nearly from the ground up. It features driver support for the Base Station, Outdoor Module, Wind Gauge, Rain Gauge, and Indoor Modules.

Despite being part of the name, HubConnect is NOT required to use this. However, for those who use HubConnect, this app integrates directly into the HubConnect ecosystem, and uses the same driver no matter if the device is local, or "HubConnect'ed".

Release Announcement
Installation Instructions
(registration is required to download)

Why associate with HubConnect?

The Netatmo Weather Client uses the familiar HubConnect user interface design language.

Including the same, recognizable device selection process...

If you use HubConnect, the device selection process is nearly identical....

This app is all about collecting weather data and making it presentable in Dashboards.

Attribute names are plain English, and are all "Dashboard-Friendly"..

Including the Wind Gauge

And Rain Gauge

And the Outdoor (and Indoor) Module...

Most attributes have a native value and formatted value fields. All measurements can be selected as either US or metric.

Installing oAuth-enabled apps can be tricky to get connected due to the complex handshaking required. This Netatmo client has an intuitive connection process that has made as simple as possible.


@srwhite just ordered the weather station, rain, wind, and additional indoor sensor. Thanks for the awesome work on Hubconnect. Looking forward to actually having weather incorperated into my HA system (FINALLY)!

Netatmo is an Internet based system... correct? So even if we use the new client, Netatmo still requires access to the Internet to function?

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@srwhite, Now we are going to have two apps :slight_smile:
I am also in the process on building one, for the moment mine only works with the security and thermostat elements but the others are in the works.

When I release mine you're more than welcome to build off of it to add the other components. I've got no issue with collaborating. As a bonus, your app would be HubConnect-ready. :slight_smile:

Same here this is open work just for the fun

Looking forward to this. I just moved over to Hubitat and would love to integrate my Netatmo weather system.

Glad to have you here. Are you still using SmartThings?

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I have a ST's hub in the shop that I will probably replace with an HE hub but have everything in the house on Hubitat. Made the move over the weekend. So far about 200 devices moved over and after I caught on to Rule Machine I was able to get everything duplicated that I had in ST's and Iris. Steep learning curve. Let me know if you need something tested. I have the full gamut of Netatmo weather devices.

So any idea when you will release this?

This has been released! Enjoy!


Thank you Steve, I am up and running with this. Every module is working as it should.

Sorry about this but your imports don't work. I goto Drivers code, click import, paste, and confirm then nothing.. bound to be something stupid I am doing...

Any ideas?

I have had two reports of issues with the links, however I cannot reproduce at all. The simplest suggestion that I can offer is to make sure the entire link is being copied and pasted. Refreshing the download page generates new URL's.

For those experiencing this issue, If you don't mind, please open a ticket and paste in the non-working URL's so I can examine them and try to determine why they're not working.

I ran into this issue and just downloaded the apps and drivers and used cut and paste to get going.

Steve, Poking around in Rule Machine, I see the usual triggers for temperature, humidity, CO2 etc. What I am not seeing is wind direction, speed and gust speed as a trigger. Is that even possible?

Edit: Inches of rain in tenths would be a nice trigger too.

Those attributes are not part of the standard capabilities, so there's no way to select them for automations in RM.

Have a look at WATO.. It allows actions to be taken when specific attribute change,

That might get you the result that you're looking for.


After reading through that thread and getting to the end of it, I discovered that every device attribute is available in Rule Machine as a trigger under custom attribute.

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Great work @srwhite! Installed the app and everything seems to work perfect for my base, outdoor and additional modules.

Is it possible to get the time in 24h format?

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What happens if you change Hubitats time format to 24 hr? Settings > Location and Modes.

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