Cobra Apps & Drivers - All Updated

All cobra apps have been updated with new 'disable app' code .
They also all have a new standardised ‘Restrictions’ page

Each app can be disabled at the parent level or you can disable everything at the Cobra Apps level

Cobra Apps also has a few new apps added since the last update
Many bug fixes and code cleanup on all apps since the last updates were released.

Apps included currently:

I think most of the apps are self explanatory but if you have any questions regarding any of the apps please ask.

One thing to note:

As some of the base code has been changed around restrictions etc I advise you to open each app - both parent and child after update and check your settings then save.
I'm sorry, this is a pain, but it shouldn't happen again now that the base code has been updated

There are also new versions of ‘average all ‘ driver, ‘wu custom driver’ & ‘Weewx with external driver’



I'm sorry - Please don't update yet!

I've left some debug code in the apps which can flood the logs.. Please give me a few minutes before updating.


Oh no. I've done it....... :wink:
Do we need to do parent and child?

Updated with the trace logging removed...

Update the 'Cobra Apps' container first
Then any parent/child apps already included in Cobra Apps

Yes BOTH parent and child apps need to be updated


My fault for being too quick. :wink:

It doesn't hurt.. just a bit too much logging :slight_smile:

No big deal....just use the new disable option until the hotfix comes out :grin:

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Lol.. like your thinking...
No hotfix as such.. just changed one line of code :slight_smile:



I know I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, however I'm stumped

Opened the container apps, shows v1.6 with a new version of 2.4 being available

Selected New Version Available, nothing happens
When into the App code and updated it from the GitHub import - success, v2.4 shows in the change log
Go back to the Container app, still says v1.6

Selecting the Find Updated Files link brings me to a Page 404 error

Thanks, Rick

Make sure you updated both parent and child apps of both the Cobra Apps Container and the Apps (Cobra) you have installed.

Thanks for the apps.

Would it be possible to put a brief description of each apps purpose function in the list to help those that find the apps after the initial release.

Such as
Flasher - does xxxxxxxxxx when this xxxxxxx
One too many - for the xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you.

Thanks halfrican, Updated the container and the parent/child, still shows v1.6 when I launch the container. I confirmed that each app shows the current code version

What did finally work is going back into the container and re-installing the PC app and that triggered an update to the container version.... apparently


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How about this?
Will this help? :slight_smile:

@Cobra Andy, with regards to restrictions:

Enable/Disable app with external switch toggle allows switch selection
Reveals option for:
Allows app to run only if switch is ON/OFF

My assumption is that the option for ON/OFF is to indicate if the app should be restricted if the switch is OFF (default) or ON (if toggle enabled)?

It doesn't seem to work like this using message central? Doesn't appear to matter which position this toggle is in, the app doesn't run with the selected switch ON?

Edit: Further experimentation seems to reveal that if a switch is selected to enable/disable the app then the action is disabled regardless of the switch position irrelevant of the second option or the selected switches current on/off state.

Ok... maybe I should have explained this restriction better..
@Royski Roy, can we do something extra for this please?

Ok.. the first in-app switch turns on the useage of a switch or not..
Even if you have something configured then switching the restriction off is the same as if you never configured anything there..
So to use a switch restriction.. enable the restriction.

Next configure your remote switch device (virtual or physical) that you want to use to remotely enable/disable the app

The next in-app switch that appears gives you the ability to enable the app when the remote switch is on or the remote switch is off.

If this in-app switch is enabled then the app will only run if the remote switch is on
If the remote switch is off then the app will not run..

Obviously the reverse works if the in-app switch is off..
If the remote switch is off then the app will run, if the remote switch is on then the app cannot run..

This is what screws things up..


This is what throws everyone, unfortunately I cannot set a ‘default’ as some people have the remote switch on to allow - some will have the remote switch off to allow.

I use this configuration EVERY day, all my messages can be remotely disabled with a virtual switch I use called ‘All Speakers’

The ‘all speakers’ virtual switch is automatically turned off when my wife and I leave the house, when we go to bed at night and a whole host of other times..

I hope this explains things better..


Bingo! Thanks, the toggle after modification was throwing me off. Everything is working as expected now.

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I got so used to doing it I forget sometimes that not everyone wrote this app! :wink:

I know this needs to be explained better on my website and I’ll chat with Roy tomorrow to see what we can come up,with.



Throwing this in here so if someone else does a search they can find it. Hue rooms(groups) have an alert feature that flashes bulbs really fast. I search for alert, Hue alert, hue flashing, hue group, etc. I couldn't find anything other than using RM and virtual switches, of course I should have just checked Cobra apps first. Cobra's Flasher app lets me do this.

Thanks for the great Apps Andy.


Request : flasher apps to have motion as a trigger.
I use this to flash a light on my back entrance when in AWAY mode and motion active.

I’m sure I could add this quite quickly.
I have lots of coding to do next week but I’ll see if I can squeeze this one in :slight_smile: