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Hit your update button :slight_smile:

Found some time to do this today...

Added 'Motion Active' as a trigger, added a second restriction switch
(and debugged pushover update message)


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Well that didn't long. Thank you sir!

For your temp controlled switch app, would it be possible to include fan speeds based on if the switch is a fan switch? I'd like to turn on the fan at a set temp but only set the fan to say Medium speed, not on high. Thoughts?

Unfortunately, my dev time is very limited atm
I'll look to fix any bugs in my apps as soon as I can but I'm not really spending much time on the smaller ones' development.


Hey Andy,
even with your explanation above, I'm still struggling to get my head around usinga virtual switch for restrictions.
My goal is to have a Summer and Winter type setting for my Pool, so I've got a rule that sets a virtual Switch (Daylight Saving). This is working and is currently ON and it'll only go OFF, next Winter.
When I come to the restrictions section of your Daily Switch App...
I have it set like this but am unsure if my Switch will be set correctly...

I'm struggling to under stand the settings so as to "read" my virtual switch's ON or OFF state.

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Hi Nic
you need to remove the second setting for the same switch, otherwise you have it configured correctly. (You don't need the second setting if only using one switch)

However; until the status of this switch is known by the app, then the restriction will not work
So.. the easiest thing to do is 'toggle' the switch after the app has been saved.
i.e. Turn it on/off then return it to how you want the switch.

What this does is allow the app to react to the event so it knows the 'status' of the switch.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



Sweet. Thanks very much.

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Hi Andy,
Sorry mate, just in case I really am stupid, can you confirm that this is setup looks correct ?
I have the following setup for;
Summer ....

and this for

Based on the Switch called "Daylight Savings ON=GREEN", being ON, the intention is that ONLY the Summer switching occurs.


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It looks good to me
Just remember to toggle the switch after you have saved the apps


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Ok, cool. Thanks man.

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