[RELEASE] - Irrigation Switch App - Turns on a switch if you need to water the garden

Here is my irrigation app

This little app uses a weather driver to collect data on recent rainfall and predictions of further rainfall
Then you can set 'weighting' to these results and a threshold to decide whether to turn on a switch or not.

I use this to tell me to water my garden if there has not been enough rain in the past and it doesn't look likely that there will be enough soon.
You could, of course just use it to open a valve to directly water the garden if you have that facility

I use it with my 'Weewx/Apixu' driver so I can use my own PWS to collect accurate data
But.. if you have a current Weather Underground API key you could use my WU driver
You can find both of them here:


You can use almost any weather driver providing it sends the following attributes:


You can find the app here:


Please let me know if it doesn't work for you or you find a bug
As always, I'm happy to take suggestions on how to make this app better/more useful

All my apps now provide remote version checking - announcing in the app and logs if an update is available



Hello, is this app available on your Cobra Apps website? I couldn't find it when looking there. I like your use of a 5 day window and the weighting function to tell when to water the garden. I don't have a weather station or soil moisture sensor and currently use OpenWeatherMap to bring in weather data at my location. Could you please let me know if the irrigation code is available anywhere and if you recommend any particular weather data service other than Weather Underground (since I don't have a PWS)?

I've also been considering investing in Ecowitt soil moisture sensors.

Ive been working through this Whats your Sprinkler Timer Algorithms : show em

@Admin1 why is this thread still available on the site? It's defunct and no longer a community available app and completely closed source now.

Hubitat has rarely if ever removed a thread here. The only time I have seen it happen is when someone was being provocative or troublesome.

Typically if a developer withdraws something, they would note it in the title or the body of the first post. I am surprised Cobra hasn't done so if he intends to no longer provide his excellent apps.

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